TESDA Free Online Courses 2021: Food And Beverage Processing NC II

Since our forefathers, processing foods has been a popular way of prolonging our food. Until now it is still very popular even with the advancement of technology. The process is still there.

Either to preserve your favourite food or to preserve foods that are maybe seasonal or foods that may not be found in another place.

In this course, you will learn a lot of stuff about food processing. It gives you more information on how to do it properly and in many ways and why it is being done. It has 6 modules that teach the 5 most popular ways of preserving or processing food. These are drying and dehydration, fermentation and pickling, salting, curing and smoking, sugar concentration and using the thermal application. This course can be done in 560 hours depending on how much time you are going to give for your learning. 

You will also learn about opportunities you can do after finishing the food processing course and what is supposed to be done if you are working in the industry.



This method will teach you how to do your own vinegar, wine and yogurt. Not only that you can learn also how to make your own pickle at home; which can be vegetables or fruits with some solutions. And of course, it will not be complete without knowing how to properly store and pack what you made.


Is smoke fish one of your favourite food? You enrolled the right because, in this method, you will learn how to make your favourite food right at your home. 


In this method, you will be taught how to preserve foods by means of drying and dehydration. Examples of food you can do with this are… You will also learn how to properly pack and store it. It depends on your purpose if you want it for later use or if you want to market it.


You will be taught with this module of using concentrated sugar to preserve your favourite seasonal fruits. Either by making them as jellies, jams, marmalades or preserves. Examples of fruit popular for this is pineapple, strawberries, orange, peach guava and actually most of the fruits. And how to properly package and store it so you can be able to sell it and have extra income or can maybe turn it into your business or even just for your family consumption.


With this process, you will just not learn the process but also how to get ready for your equipment and apparatus used for pasteurization and pressurization. and it always includes how to properly package and store your products to be ready for your purpose.


Visit their website www.e-tesda.gov.ph first to register, fill up the necessary information then after registration, you can easily enroll in the courses you wanted to take. You can also check my tutorial to guide you with the process: guide on how to enroll and register tesda courses. If you want to check all the courses being offered in TESDA, check it here.


Yes, there is a certificate that you can print yourself after completing all your modules. It is called the Certificate of Completion. If you want to get a national certificate, an assessment to the nearest TESDA center on your place is required when you are ready.


For technical issues you may encounter during the course, you can keep in touch with TESDA and you may reach them at their telephone number: (02) 8887 7777 or by email: tesdaonlineprogram@tesda.gov.ph


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