New Surname War On Facebook Will Really Make You Laugh To Tears!

In fact this even made it to some mainstream media sites in the country. The battle allows Filipino netizens to make fun of their funny or weird surnames and not to get upset about it.

Recently, Facebook page Filipino Tweets That Matter (FTTM) renewed the trend by asking its followers “How Funny can your surname be?” As expected, the thread immediately garners a lot of attention as users burst into laughter and tears with ones posting their weird surnames.BELOW ARE SOME OF THE FUNNY SURNAMES COMMENTED ON FTTM’s THREAD:

Binanggit ni crush buong pangalan ko. Akala ko sparks na. LABIO
Hindi ako marunong magbiro, dahil lagi akong, SORIOSO

Even the real “Cardo” from FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano remake made its comment, DALISAY
H/T: Elite Thread

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