Free TESDA Baking and Pastry Course

Since the pandemic started, many people lost their jobs in different industries. From big to small companies, they struggled. Many people then resort to different ways of earning a living. Mostly turned into contactless businesses that include selling goods, making your own product, and sending to customers via delivery services. 

One of the most trending businesses or extra income that emerged is selling baked goods. Others are interested in it but they don’t have the confidence because they don’t have the knowledge and skills to do so and learning to bake, especially with a certificate costs you lots of a penny and you are already struggling.

But many people don’t know that you can take a BAKING COURSE without spending a penny and without leaving your home and not worrying about transport and high tuition fee and without the worry of contracting the coronavirus. And also the great thing here is that you can get a certificate after completing the course. and the duration all depends on you, and the time you put into it. You can finish the course in a few hours. This can be made through the program of TESDA  which is the TOP (TESDA Online Program)


This program offers MASSIVE OPEN ONLINE COURSES which are web-based. It means you can access wherever you are where there is an internet connection. This aims to develop the technical education and skills of Filipinos.


This course is under the TOURISM category and one of the most popular courses being taken, second for OFWs. You take this course if you are interested in baking if you are planning to work in this industry if you are planning to sell baked goods if you are planning to be your own boss and have your own bakery or even if you just want to learn baking or upgrade your skill in baking or just wants to have a certificate.

This course helps you to become a successful baker and patissier. It will teach you how to make, fill, and decorate sponges and cakes. You will also learn how to present your finished product to your customers so it will be more enhancing.

It has 4 modules. The first module mostly covers how to properly set up your workstation making sure you follow occupational safety and hygiene. It also covers how to maintain the equipment and tools you use in baking. You will learn how to properly set up the workstation where you gonna prepare your ingredients and decorate your cakes.

In module 2, you will learn about the baking and production process. Formulas and measurements are essential to be successful.

While in module 3, you are now going to learn to prepare and make sponges and cakes. And the last module, you will be going to learn how to make your cakes and sponges enticing your customers. It will teach how you will properly fill, and coat your creation. You will learn as well how to make your icing and decorate your cakes. It’s not only that but presenting your cake properly is also essential and you will also be taught how to do it here. And of course, how you will properly store your product so it won’t get dry, it won’t get spoiled and be safe for your customers.

Voila, you finished the course! You will receive a certificate of completion after finishing your modules. and if you want a national certificate, you can visit or call a TESDA office near you when you are ready for a face-to-face assessment or when the community lockdown is over or when it is safer for you.


Any Filipino can enjoy this free online baking class. If you are professional/undergrad, unemployed/employed, out of school youth and if you are local or even abroad. You just need a computer/laptop/smartphone with an internet connection. 


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I hope you find this article helpful for you and make this your beginning to being a successful baker/business owner. Good luck!

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