The 10 Best Free Online Courses by TESDA that Could Lead you Towards More Career Opportunities

 a technological vocational institution in the Philippines has been running for a long time but recently, they develop a program to help more Filipino citizens who cannot afford of taking courses due to lack of funds but are very willing to learn skills and knowledge. This 
is the TESDA Online Program or TOP.

TESDA Online program is offering very useful online courses for free. This, with the help of the internet, it can deliver information and skills to Filipino aspirants. The students can access the courses a lot easier, they can do in their own free time and there's no need to go out of their places to enroll and finish the courses that they would choose.


To enroll, visit the TOP website with this link You just need to have a valid e-mail address or not you need to make one, an internet connection, a laptop or desktop, tablet/Ipad or a smartphone and fill up the necessary information to register. After registration, you need to confirm your e-mail and that's the time that you can log in to your TESDA account and then you can choose whatever course you want and then if you finish selecting, press enroll me and you can start learning for free. You can do as many FREE TESDA courses as you can. It all depends on you. This can be a great tool for you to improve your knowledge and skills to a certain topic, to apply for a job or to start your own business and be your own boss. Good luck with your learning.

TESDA ONLINE COURSES ENROLLMENT (Watch the full video until the end for complete guide)

This is one of the most popular free online TESDA courses nowadays. This course teaches you how to make pastries from scratch and how to bake and decorate cakes of different kinds. This course is for you if you like to be a baker or patissier. This is also perfect if you are interested in baking as a hobby or if you plan to put up your own business like a bakery or can accept orders for birthday, wedding or any celebration cakes. To learn more about this course, I suggest you read this: Online Bread and Pastry Production NCII

This course covers different ways of processing foods like salting, curing and smoking, drying and dehydration, sugar concentration, fermentation and pickling and thermal application. It also tackles proper handling of food and sanitation and occupational and safety procedures too. It also teaches you how to properly pack your processed foods so it will be ready for your business or personal use. To be able to do this, you need to know how to operate common processing and packaging equipment like the sealer. This course is great if you are planning to apply as a packaging/production aid or if you want yourself to be your own boss. to learn more, check this out: Online Food Processing Course from TESDA

Offering massage service is one of the most demanding skills nowadays. That's why this is a great opportunity because it is being offered free by TESDA and you can do it online. In this course, it tackles the 3 types of massage. The Swedish massage, Thai massage and Shiatsu massage. It teaches you how to properly perform the massage. This is a great side hustle and can help you earn extra income if you will master the art of doing it.

If you plan to apply for room attendant or cabin attendant in the country or abroad, or if you plan to work in motels, hotels or resort, this course is for you as it prepares you for the job, It trains you required housekeeping knowledge and skills such as how to prepare guest rooms, how to provide effective customer service and how to provide valet services, laundry services and how to deal with intoxicated guests. It also covers workplace safety practices.

If your interest is troubleshooting software or hardware issues of personal computer systems, this course is perfect for you as it teaches you how to do it properly. It trains you on how to configure computer systems and networks, interpreting technical drawings and connecting electronic circuits. This can give you extra opportunities which can help you for living.

This course is intended for those who are interested in fruit growing and fisheries. You can learn how to prepare your prospect site of growing trees, how to grow your seedlings or trees and it will teach you on what and how to monitor as your trees grow and until harvesting time. This is good if you have a wide farm that you can use to. Many are having dragon fruit farm, citrus fruit farms nowadays. This is a long term investment that you can pass through your family.

If you are interested in doing such as diesel engine tune-up, or in automotive battery servicing, you are in perfect free online course because in here, it covers how to service or remove automotive batteries as well as test and charge automotive batteries. You can do this while working or in your own time to gain additional skills.

SMART Android Mobile Apps Development for Beginners
Nowadays, the internet is so powerful tool in our everyday living for all ages. From alarms, to-do lists, reminders, calendars and everything that we do, we use apps from our smart gadgets to make our life easier. This course covers the development of mobile apps on the android platform. It means if you will take this free course that is offered that you can do at your own place and time, you can be able to make your own mobile application that if it will become useful to many people, it means that you can earn a lot.

For those who are interested in cooking, or if you happen to be a full-time mom, or if you want to have your own cooking website or cooking youtube channel, you might be interested in here. This course will enlighten you about the kitchen, the utensils, tools, and equipment in the kitchen. It also teaches you about measurements or conversions that you need to use in the kitchen. You will also be taught knife skills and culinary terms. Not only that, food and occupational safety procedures are also being taught here. and it has 3 clusters; preparing sweets (desserts), preparing hot meals like soups, stocks, sauces, gravies and preparing cold meals such as salads, salad dressings, sandwiches as well as appetizers. Check this for more information about this course: Make Salads, Sandwiches, Appetizers, Soups and Desserts from TESDA

If you want to be a successful and professional food and beverage service staff, you enrolled in the perfect course. Because this course prepares you how to become one so you can apply for a job in your place or abroad. You can also set up your own business of providing food and beverage staff or you can use this as well if you are planning to run a catering business.


Again, these courses offered by TESDA through their online program is a great opportunity for every Filipino around the world. Don’t forget to share this great online courses that are free from TESDA with your family and friends. This is absolutely FREE. No money involved in order for you to enroll and finish the course. It just needs your patience. And the good thing is that, after you finish the course may be in a few hours, days or months depending on you, you will receive a certificate of completion for the course/courses that you’ve taken. If you want a national certification, you can go to any TESDA assessment centre for a face to face assessment when you’re ready.

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