10 Year Old Pinoy Amazes America's Got Talent Judges on Audition

A 10-year-old Filipino boy, born in the United Arab Emirates, stuns the judges in his rendition of "All by Myself" for his audition for America's Got Talent which is aired on Tuesday.

Peter Rosalita got yes from all four judges and praises.

From the beginning of the show, the judges already loved him because of his personality and being confident.

He told the judges that he will buy Nintendo Switch and a laptop for his online school when asked about what he will do with his $1 million prize if he won the competition. Which makes Howie Mandel joked and asked him if he realized that he just spent about $1500 for that.

When he's asked what he does for a living, he said "I live as a singer"

He started the song on the lower note but he astound the audience and the judges when he got on the chorus hitting high notes.

His performance made the four judges stood and applaud him and telling "Wow" "He's so adorable".

Vergara asked "Do you get surprised when you hear your own voice"

Where Klum also said "so high, you would think a glass would explode".

"You're so cute like, even when you talk to us" Howie Mandel said in which Peter replied "everyone says that I'm cute". And Mandel added "I predict you're gonna go far in this competition".

While Simon Cowell said, "There were parts during that audition which literally gave me goosebumps". he added, "You have an amazing voice, an amazing personality and an amazing energy" "Everyone is gonna fall in love with you after this audition"

You can see in Peter's social media account that he's been posting updates for his audition.

You can also see that he's been singing and and winning awards since he was six.

Great job, Peter. The Filipino community is so proud of you. Goodluck!

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