Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Season 1, Episode 4 - "The Whole World is Watching" Spoiler Review

I know this may sound weird, but I am feeling for John Walker after watching episode four, the episode title "The Whole World is Watching" meant nothing to me until we got to the end of the episode.  What a chilling and sad ending, I had a feeling that Walker was going to snap, but I did not see Battlestar dying.  I wish that we had 10 episodes in season 1 rather than the six episodes we are getting.  The decision to end the episode with Walker brutally killing Nico was a gutsy decision.  Walker has been shown from the beginning of episode two, as a man who is not sure he is worthy of the title of Captain America.  Walker has the skills and the training, but he appears to be struggling under the weight of expectations and possibly some PTSD from his military history.  I am enjoying the depth being given to all of the characters on the show, the series is living in a world of grey rather than black and white.  One of the strengths of the show is the complexity of all the characters, the Flag Smashers are doing bad things for the right reasons, our new Captain America is cracking under the pressure, Zemo (a villain in Civil War) is now challenging our heroes on their beliefs and Sam is still unwilling to admit he should be Captain America.  

The inclusion of the Dora Milaje in this episode makes sense, but now I would like to see a show starring Ayo and the Dora Milaje going around the world and kicking ass.  The fight scene between Walker, Hoskins and the Dora Milaje was awesome, and I think the Dora Milaje might be the most formidable warriors (without powers or technology) in the MCU.  Walker might not have used the super-soldier serum if he did not get his butt kicked by the Dora Milaje.  I hope we get to see the Dora MIlaje again before the season is over, Zemo got away and their mission is not complete yet.  I also hope we get more Zemo, his mission to kill the Flag Smashers is also incomplete.  With only two episodes left there is a lot of open plot threads to clean up, I hope there is a season two and some of those threads are for the second season.  The Flag Smashers are almost becoming heroes in the show, every time I start to think of them as heroes they do something that makes me question what they are.  In episode 3 they set off a bomb that killed some GRC personnel, and in episode 4 they killed Battlestar.  


The episode opens with a flashback to six years earlier in Wakanda, Bucky is sitting in front of a bonfire with Ayo (one of the Dora Milaje).  Ayo starts reciting the code words that Hydra used to control the Winter Soldier, Bucky is scared of hearing the words, but when Ayo gets to the end Bucky is okay.  When Bucky realizes he is finally free of the Hydra programming he breaks down in tears.  We are now back in Latvia and Bucky is meeting with Ayo, Ayo says she is there for Zemo.  The Dora Milaje lost honour when King T'Chaka was killed by Zemo, bringing Zemo to justice would restore their honour.  Ayo tells Bucky he has eight hours to use Zemo before the Dora Milaje goes after him.  Bucky tells Sam and Zemo about his encounter with the Dora Milaje.  Bucky tells them about Karli and the Flag Smashers blowing up the GRC supply depot.  Zemo says he has the will to complete the mission, he questions if Sam and Bucky will do what is necessary.  Zemo believes that super-soldiers are supremacists, he says that their desire for powers will lead them down a bad path.  Sam realizes there might be a funeral or gather for Momma Donya; they decide to go to the resettlement camp and ask if anybody knows where the gathering will take place.  Sam and Bucky strikeout, but Zemo is able to speak with a little girl to who he gives candy.  Zemo refuses to tell Sam and Bucky where the gathering will be, Zemo is using his leverage to keep himself safe.  Zemo won't give them the details and Bucky threatens him, but Sam calls Sharon Carter to ask for help.  

Karli and Nico are in a graveyard to retrieve the remaining vials of the super-soldier serum, Nico suggests that Karli might make a good Captain America.  Nico believes Karli represents the people that need help and she is willing to do whatever is necessary to make things right.  Karli disagrees and says that the shield and symbol need to be destroyed because it is a relic.  Walker and Battlestar locate Sam, Bucky and Zemo; Sam convinces them to let him confront Karli by himself.  Walker will not listen until Battlestar tells him that Sam's idea might be worth a try since it prevent further losses of life.  They meet up with the little girl who leads them to the gathering, Zemo is handcuffed by Walker to a pipe.  Karli sees Sam lurking in the background at the gathering; everyone leaves and Karli and Sam talk.  Sam tells Karli that he understands why she is fighting and that he agrees with her cause, but he doesn't agree with how she is fighting for the cause.  Walker is growing increasingly impatient, he decides Sam has had too much time and he isn't going to wait any longer.  Walker enters and Karli feels Sam betrayed her and she runs away.  Zemo has escaped from his handcuffs, he finds Karli and shoots her in the stomach.  Karli while running away loses the bag carrying the serum, Zemo then starts smashing the vials.  Zemo is then knocked out by Walker, there is on vial left on the floor which Walker puts into his pocket.  

Zemo, Sam and Bucky are back at the safe house, Zemo asks Sam if he had the option would he take the serum; Sam replies he wouldn't.  Zemo says super-soldiers should not be allowed to exist, Sam challenges Zemo in his opinion.  Walker and Battlestar burst in and attempt to take Zemo back to prison, Walker and Sam are about to fight when the Dora Milaje arrives.  The Dora Milaje want Zemo, but Walker insults them and a fight breaks out.  Zemo escapes in the chaos, while Sam and Bucky watch as Walker and Battlestar get beat up by the Dora Milaje.  Eventually, Bucky and Sam intervene to save Walker and Hoskins.  Bucky takes on Ayo who is able to disable his metal arm, something Bucky did not know they could do.  Walker is broken even further by the humiliating defeat, he remarks that they were not even super-soldiers.  Walker and Hoskins are having coffee at a cafe; Walker asks Hoskins if he would take the serum.  Hoskins says yes, he believes that the power will make them more of themselves.  Hoskins, says that Walker is a hero, but Walker says the medals he was awarded were from the worst day of his life.  Karli calls Sam's sister Sarah, Karli is trying to determine if Sam can be trusted.  Sarah says Sam is not working for Walker, Karli tells Sarah that she will meet with Sam and she gives Sarah the location.  Sam and Bucky meet Karli, Karli says she won't kill Sam since killing him would mean nothing. Sharon tells Sam that she located Walker and he is about to attack the Flag Smashers.  Sam and Bucky head to Walker's location.  Walker and Battlestar enter a building, they split up and Hoskins is taken by the Flag Smashers.  Walker we can see has taken the serum, Sam arrives and he and Walker search for Battlestar.  Battlestar is able to get to his knife and he uses it to cut himself free.  Battlestar enters the fight and saves Walker, but he is punched in the chest by Karli and he slams into a pillar.  Battlestar is dead, Walker loses it and chases after the Flag Smashers who run away.  Walker catches Nico and then uses the shield to kill him, all of this seen by a lot of people who filmed the encounter.  Walker looks up notices all of the people, we the bottom of the shield is covered in blood as credits roll.


I think that is one of the best endings to an episode yet, what will happen to Walker now.  I could see an angle where the GRC tries to protect Walker and backs up his actions as necessary.   I like that because it is a comment on the current issue of excessive Police violence having little to no consequences for the officers involved.  I do not think the GRC or the government will ask Walker to step down from being Captain America, but I could see that Walker eventually realizes he is not fit for the title.  I do not think that will happen any time soon, Walker is out for revenge now.  I think Bucky and Sam will need to intervene and stop Walker from killing more Flag Smashers.  This episode also showed why Sam is perfect for Captain America, Steve did not want to kill he just wanted to stop bullies and help people.  Sam has shown all season that his primary focus is on helping, Sam does not want to fight Karli.  Sam is trying to reach her; he wants the violence to stop and he thinks he can help Karli bring about the changes without killing.  Bucky is also settling in with Sam taking charge, Bucky will not always agree, but he is willing to listen to Sam's ideas.  I am curious how Zemo will fit, will he locate Sam or will he join forces with Walker to kill the remaining Flag Smashers.  With only two episodes left the stakes are getting higher, but I am still not sure what to expect by the end of the season.

I know we have not seen much about the GRC, but I wonder if they will be revealed to be villains by the end of the season (or just a corrupt organization).  The GRC is who the Flag Smashers are fighting against, but we still have not seen any representatives from the GRC besides Walker and the guards at the depot.  I really do believe some of these plot threads will lead us into season two (fingers crossed), I want to see a lot of these characters return next season.  I think Karli is a fantastic character, she is determined to fight against the GRC, but we see she really cares about people.  Karli is fighting for people rather than for herself, I know she has done some bad things, but I think her beliefs are correct.  I had a theory about the mysterious Power Broker, what if it is not a person but an organization.  I am thinking the Power Broker might be an organization that is trying to make the serum covertly and Karli has ruined their plans.  In my episode three review I believed that the Power Broker could be Justin Hammer, I still think that is possible; but I like the idea of making it a shady organization.  I could see a shady organization like the GRC or some other agency (A.I.M. or H.I.V.E.) doing this.  I also am sure that Sharon Carter is working for either S.H.I.E.L.D. or S.W.O.R.D., she has access to satellites and I just can't believe she would turn bad.  

I can't wait for episode five, join me in a few days for my review of episode five.  I hope you enjoyed my review and let me know in the comments what you thought of episode four.

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