The Mandalorian: Season 2 Episode 3 Review - The Heiress Spoiler Review

 Wow, I finally got to see the episode I have been waiting for.  Season two of The Mandalorian has been strong so far and I have really liked episodes one and two, but episode three has been my favourite.  Episode three titled The Heiress is one of my favourite episodes of the show so far, it had great action, but it fully connected with the Star Wars animated show The Clone Wars.  The Clone Wars was an animated television show that focused on Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano (Anakins padawan) during the Clone Wars (taking place after Star Wars Episode II and before Star Wars Episode III).  The Clone Wars was a good show, though I have not seen the final season (seven) yet.  The show did a great job introducing fans to more Star Wars lore with interesting story arcs and character development.  My main issue with the show was that there were a lot of episodes that were obviously made for kids.  Having The Heiress bring back one of those Clone Wars characters in Bo-Katan was great and it was what I have been waiting for.  In my reviews for episodes one and two from season two (The Mandalorian: Season 2 Episode 1 Review - The MarshalThe Mandalorian: Season 2 Episode 2 Review - The Passenger Spoiler Review) I was looking for more of a connection o Star Wars lore.  Episode three has delivered with Mando finally connecting with some Mandalorians and continuing with the Moff Gideon and Dark Saber storylines from season one episode eight.  


Bo-Katan is a Mandalorian who was born on Mandalore and who belongs to a royal bloodline (her sister was a ruler of Mandalore).  Bo-Katan has a long history and as a character has gone through a lot, she was once a villain on The Clone Wars but ended as a hero.  Bo-Katan wanted Mandalore to go back to their warrior roots (Death Watch) and opposed her sister and helped overthrow her.  The betrayal had terrible repercussions and Bo-Katan's sister was killed which led to her turning on Death Watch and helping Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Those events after her sister's death led to the siege of Mandalore which was the focus of season seven of The Clone Wars.  Bo-Katan became the leader of the Mandalorian people until she refused to follow the directions given by now Galactic Emperor Palpatine.  Star Wars Rebels was another animated show that took place after Episode III and before Episode IV featured another Mandalorian character named Sabine Wren who became allies with Bo-Katan.  Sabine Wren was a name not mentioned in The Mandalorian yet, though I have a feeling her name will come up soon.  Sabine Wren became the wielder of the Dark Saber during Rebels and then gave it to Bo-Katan to lead the Mandalore people once more.  That was the last of Bo-Katan we had seen until now and I am sure before the season is over, we will see her again.


The Heiress starts with Mando, the Child and frog lady reaching the planet they were trying to get to in episode two.  There was a sweet reunion between frog lady and frog guy (her partner) and from there we see Mando and the Child go to get some food and information.  The Mando gets information that leads him and the Child to a barge that will take them to the Mandalorians Mando has been looking for.  The crew of the barge then turn on Mando to try and take his Beskar armour, this was not a wise decision since the three Mandalorians show up and kill the crew and free Mando.  The three then remove their helmets to a shocked Mando who believes they are not true Mandalorians.  That is when Bo-Katan introduces herself (played by Katee Sackhoff who voiced Bo-Katan on The Clone Wars and Rebels) and she explains that she was born on Mandalore and the helmet thing is not something her or her people do.  Bo-Katan implies that Mando's thing with not removing his helmet is something to do with foundlings.  Mando who then flies off with the Child is then cornered by some family of those killed on the barge and is in trouble until he is saved again by the three Mandalorians.  Bo-Katan says they need his help to abduct an empire ship and if he helps she will tell him where to find Jedi (another great reveal for later in the episode) so he can bring the Child to them and complete his quest.  Mando and the three take over the ship with some great action and Moff Gideon finally appearing in season two via a holovid.  Mando and the three fight through the ship and Gideon advises the ship's commander that the ship is lost and that he knows what to do, the commander then kills the pilots and takes over controls attempting to crash the ship.  Mando and the three take over control and Bo-Katan then tries to question the commander about the whereabouts of the Dark Saber and the commander confirms it is with Gideon and then kills himself.  Mando and the three part ways so Mando can fulfill his quest to reunite the Child with the Jedi, Bo-Katan tells him where to go to find the Jedi.  The directions she gives will lead Mando to Ahsoka Tano (second big reveal) and the episode ends will Mando and the Child jumping to hyperspace.


I am so excited for episode four now and it is going to feel like an eternity until next Friday.  The episode was great and had some funny and sweet moments earlier in the episode but once Bo-Katan shows up the episode becomes all business.  Just seeing Bo-Katan in live-action was amazing but Katee Sackhoff does a great visually capturing the essence of the character who she only voiced before.  Bo-Katan based on this appearance alone has become a new favourite character of mine.  The way Bo-Katan and her two partners fight is amazing, and I do get a sense that the Mando is good, but they are better, everything they did seemed easy.  I know before season's end we will likely see the three again, and I can't wait.  Having watched Rebels I am curious as to the circumstances that led to Bo-Katan losing the Dark Saber and I think that will possibly be explained in a future episode.  The previous two episodes were good but they built slowly on the story of Mando and the Child, episode three finally felt like we are getting to see the big picture of season two.  The random adventures Mando and the Child have been fun but I am a cannon/lore junkie and seeing a character from the Star Wars universe show up and be amazing was great especially knowing how she will tie directly to Moff Gideon and the remnants of the Empire.  I do not want to get my hopes up but it looks like episode four of season two will feature an appearance by Ahsoka Tano who I mentioned earlier was Anakin's padawan until she left the Jedi order after feeling betrayed by them.  Ahsoka's journey through The Clone Wars was one of the best characters arcs of the series, going from a character fans hated to a character that fans love.  Ahsoka then appeared in Rebels and again was great and even had an encounter with her former master Anakin now Darth Vader.  What I like so much about the Bo-Katan and Ahsoka reveals is it is tied to two shows I watched and was a big fan of.  The sequel trilogy barely mentioned anything that happened in either show beyond cameo, I like that now we are getting some true respect paid to the characters of those shows.  I am excited for the rest of season two, I hope you will continue to read my thoughts on the season.   

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