The Mandalorian: Season 2 Episode 2 Review - The Passenger Spoiler Review


The Passenger, the second episode of season two of The Mandalorian gave us an entertaining 40-minute episode with some thrills.  I reviewed the first episode of season two last week (The Mandalorian: Season 2 Episode 1 Review - The Marshal) and I think this was another solid episode, though I am waiting to see more of Cara Dune, Greef Karga or Moff Gideon.  I am not always a fan of television that has a villain/case of the week, I like to see a few major plots over the course of a season.  The Mandalorian does have the case/adventure of the week syndrome and I don't mind it when it is done as good as it was in the first two episodes of season 2.  Episode two is another strong entry that is filled with great moments, from comedy, cuteness, action and suspense.  Mando is carrying a passenger to another planet and things do not go as planned, when does it ever go as planned for Mando.  


The Passenger (episode 2 title) picks up right where episode one left off, Mando and the Child are on a speeder bike and they are ambushed by some bounty hunters attempting to take the Child.  Anybody that poses a threat to the Child has not fared too well, and let's just say the bounty hunters are no exception.  One of the bounty hunters even holds a knife to the child and what the Mando does to that one is both funny and deserved.  After dispatching of the bounty hunters Mando then heads back to see Peli Motto, she then sets him up with a large insect (maybe Dr. Mandible, while also am Ant-Man reference by Ant-Man and episode director Peyton Reed).  The large ant-man tells Mando a contact will meet him to relay information regarding other Mandalorians.  The whole large ant scene and really everything with Peli Motto is quite funny in this episode.  When the contact arrives to meet Mando, to get the information about the Mandalorians he must deliver the contact to another planet.  The contact, who is referred to as frog lady is wanting to meet her mate so he can fertilize her spawn (which she is carrying in a glass container).  Mando is wary about this, the trip needs to be done without using hyperspace, so it is more dangerous.  Mando agrees and they set off, during the trip Mando catches the Child eating one of the frog lady's eggs.  When the Child first saw the eggs, he seemed very interested, I assumed it was because of his connection to the force.  The Child was hungry and thought the eggs looked delicious, it was a funny gag that was used throughout the episode.  Mando puts on the autopilot and takes a nap, he wakes up to an alarm and finds he is being hailed by two x-wings who are members of the New Republic (space cops).  Mando tries to talk his way out of this scenario and he almost manages it until the x-wing pilots realize the Razor Crest was part of the attempt to break a prisoner out of a New Republic jail (as seen in season one episode 6 The Prisoner).  Mando then does some slick flying and attempts to lose the pilots in the atmosphere of a nearby planet.  Mando loses them by crashing the Razor Crest into an ice wall, with his ship severely damaged Mando gives up.  The frog lady uses the voice adapter of the head of Zero (an android killed by Mando in The Prisoner) to communicate with Mando.  The frog lady challenges Mando on his honour, he promised to deliver her and her spawn so her species can continue.  Mando then gets to work on repairs, the Child then draws his attention to the fact that frog lady has left the ship.  Mando and the Child track her to a cave in the ice wall where she and her eggs are in a pool of warm water.  Mando is busy trying to get her and the eggs back to the ship when the Child comes across something in the cave, he then eats what he finds and the next thing we know little spiders are everywhere.  The small spiders are babies and then we see the adult spider which is huge, Mando and company run back to the ship with Mando killing as many spiders as he can with either his blaster or his flame thrower.  With Mando, the Child and frog lady trapped in the cockpit and the giant spider about to get them they are saved by the New Republic x-wing pilots.  The pilots then explain that since Mando did his best on the prison ship to do the right thing (try to save the new republic guard and imprison three members of the breakout crew) they agree to let him off.  The episode ends with Mando keeping his word and flying off the ice planet to deliver frog lady and her spawn to her desired location.


I think this episode was very good, it was not what I expected nor what I wanted but I stilled enjoyed it.  I am looking forward to seeing more of Moff Gideon and the Dark Saber, but until we get there, I think I am happy with the way the show is going.  The theme of the episode seemed to be parents and children; we are starting now more than ever to see Mando as the Child's father.  When the Child is at risk Mando has shown he is willing to do whatever is necessary to protect the Child.  The frog lady was also very protective and so was the giant spider who might have been trying to protect her eggs after the Child ate one.  The New Republic and some x-wings was a welcome surprise and having Mando doing the right thing in the past paying dividends in the now was good use of a previous episode.  One thing I have to keep in mind is that the show is only on episode ten, the show's identity is not concrete yet.  I do think the structure will stay the same, each episode will be a different adventure and the episode will rarely show anything beyond Mando and the Child.  The show looks great and the sequence of Mando trying to lose the x-wings in the clouds was very exciting and cool.  On my first watch I left the episode unhappy on not seeing Moff Gideon but on my second watch I got past not seeing what I wanted and just enjoyed what we were given.  I am looking forward to chapter 11 (season two episode three), I think this might be where we see more Mandalorians or at least see something tied to the Empire.  The show is a lot of fun to watch because it is funny, cute (the Child), good action and just flat out cool moments.   

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