New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot: A Comprehensive Guide for Skilled Immigrants

New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot

The province of New Brunswick in Canada is experiencing a shortage of labor in a number of different industries. In order to address this problem, the provincial government of New Brunswick has initiated a program called the Critical Worker Pilot, which is aimed at enticing skilled immigrants to the province in order to fill the shortages in the labor market.

The New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot is a pilot program that will run for a total of five years and is intended to entice skilled workers to relocate to Atlantic Canada. It provides an opportunity for immigrants with relevant work experience to acquire valuable work experience in New Brunswick, which could also lead to permanent residency in Canada.

Participating Employers

The following list of companies are participating in this program; if you want to look into any job openings that might be a good fit for you, you can visit those companies' websites.

Cooke Aquaculture

J.D. Irving Ltd.

Groupe Savoie

Groupe Westco

Imperial Manufacturing Group

McCain Foods, Ltd.

You can also learn about additional job opportunities that may be available for you by visiting:

As well as to keep you up to date on the news and upcoming recruitment opportunities, check out:

Critical Worker Pilot is a stream that is driven by employers and is focused on the targeted recruitment of skilled workers. Its name comes from the fact that its primary focus is on critical workers. As a direct result of this fact, candidates for participation in the pilot project are required to submit their applications through the employers participating in the program to be considered. This ensures that only candidates who meet the necessary criteria are considered. Individuals who are interested in taking part in the program but would like to submit a direct application cannot do so at this time.

You will not be required to send your resume to Immigration New Brunswick in order to take part in this program. Instead, they will take it from you.

You should read this guide in order to get an idea of how the critical worker pilot program operates

The New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot is a promising initiative that can help address the labor shortages in the province and attract skilled workers to the region. The program provides a route to permanent residency for foreign workers who are eligible for it, which is beneficial not only for skilled immigrants but also for the economy of the host country. In order for Canada to meet its economic and demographic needs, programs such as the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot will become increasingly important. These targets for immigration to Canada are expected to continue rising.

The New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot program might be the best option for you to pursue if you are a skilled worker interested in pursuing employment opportunities in Canada.

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