Free TESDA Online Course: Job Readiness Course / Prepares You For Your Future Career

Are you looking for a free online course to help you prepare for your future career? Look no further! TESDA has developed a course to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the job market. This course is available for free, and it covers three modules:

Crafting Your Career

This module covers the basics of creating a successful career path. You will learn how to set a vision for your future career, identify different job search strategies, define a personal brand, and gain the soft skills necessary to land a job.

Set a vision for your future career. Outline goals for landing your first job and map-out long-term career prospects. Identify the different typical and non-typical job search strategies in the Philippines. Define a personal brand and use one’s strengths to make an application stand out. Learn the soft skills necessary to prepare for the future of work.

Your Guide to Job Readiness

This module focuses on developing the skills needed for a successful job search. You will learn how to write a resume and cover letter, and send job applications to different platforms. Build and critique your portfolio of work. Display professionalism in spoken and written communication. Handle a variety of interview questions and situations professionally while displaying personal strengths. Acquire know-how and effective strategies for working remotely or from home.

Building Human Skills for Career Success

This module focuses on developing the human skills necessary for career success. You will learn how to develop personal and interpersonal skills such as communication, collaboration and teamwork, critical thinking, problem-solving, and lifelong learning. Develop career skills such as professionalism and work ethics, time and stress management, confidence, and a growth mindset. Develop confidence during job interviews.

How to Enroll in This Free TESDA Course?

Sign up for the TESDA Online Program by making an account. To get started, just go to the TESDA website and sign up for an account. You must have a working and active email address. You need a username and password. Remember these, because you will use them to log in to the program. This is the name that will be on your certificate when you finish the course.

Set up your account for the TESDA Online Program. After you create an account, a link to activate it will be delivered to the email address you gave. Simply click the link to activate your account. After you create an account, a link to activate it will be delivered to the email address you gave. To turn on your account, all you have to do is click the link.

Use your credentials to sign in. After you've signed up and activated your account, use the username and password that you chose to log in. Remember to keep this, because you will need it every time you want to get into your courses.

Select International Labor Organization Online Courses. After logging in, you can look at your dashboard and choose International Labor Organization Online Courses and click Job Readiness Courses (New). After you choose the course, click the ENROLL button to start taking the modules.

Finish all of the modules and tests. After you finish all of the modules and quizzes for the course you chose, you will get a certificate that will help you get the job you want.

Get your national certificate. When you are ready for a face-to-face test, you can get the National Certificate by going to the nearest assessment center, paying the fee, and scheduling your test.

This TESDA free online course is the perfect way to gain the knowledge and skills to kick-start your career and prepare yourself for the job market. With three comprehensive modules, you can gain a better understanding of the job market and how to prepare for the future of work and you will be well-equipped to make a strong impression on potential employers. So why wait? Take advantage of this free online course now and get ready for a successful career!


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