TESDA Free Online Course: Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II - What Will You Learn and How to Enroll?

The electrical and maintenance 2 course is another excellent addition to the TESDA Online Program Courses that is ideal for students and learners who want to succeed in this line of work. Electrical Maintenance Technician/ Electrician is a highly in-demand career not only in the Philippines but all over the world.

 Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II from TESDA is a comprehensive, hands-on technical certification program with four modules that cover the skills required to install, test, and maintain electrical wiring, lights, and related equipment in residential houses/buildings.

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is the government agency in the Philippines in charge of technical, vocational, and industrial education and training.

What Will You Learn?

MODULE 1: Introduction to Electrical Installation and Maintenance

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to learn the roles and duties of an electrician, relevant laws and ordinances and about occupational health and safety policies and procedures. Aside from these, you will also be able to understand the basic concept of electricity, learn about the electrical tools and equipment used in wiring installation, interpret technical drawings and plan, checking and testing wirings and identify different sizes of wires and cables.

MODULE 2: Performing Roughing-In Activities, Wiring, and Cabling Works for Single-Phase Distribution, Power, Lighting, and Auxiliary Systems

In this module, trainees will be able to learn about electrical conduits, installing wireways and cable trays, installing an auxiliary terminal cabinet and distribution panels and how to perform wiring and cabling layout

MODULE 3: Installing Electrical Protective Devices for Distribution, Power, Lightning Protection, and Ground Systems

After this module, learners are able to install electrical protective devices, install lightning protection, and grounding systems

MODULE 4: Installing Wiring Devices for Floor and Wall Mounted Outlets, Lighting Fixtures, Switches, and Auxiliary Outlets

The last module prepares the trainees to install lightning fixtures/luminaires and switches, install floor and wall-mounted switches and install auxiliary outlets

How to Register and Enroll for Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II Online Training at TESDA

  1. Visit e-tesda.gov.ph 
  2. If you don't already have an account, make one to access the site.
  3. To register for a course, you must have an e-TESDA account.
  4. Select Electrical and Electronics from the list of courses, then select Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II, and then click Enroll me in each Module.
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With TESDA's Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II, you can launch a prosperous career. You can work as an apprentice or as an electrician's assistant.

Don't put it off for too long. Obtain certification. Look for work. Make a fortune.

A career begins here.

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