The Boys - Season Three Episode Four Spoiler Review

The Boys continues its excellent start to season three; episode four is such a blast, but it also unnerved me seeing Hughie and Butcher be so enamored with having powers. The episode titled the Glorious Five Year Plan was the most jarring episode of the series to date. The end of the episode featured a Butcher and Hughie who were behaving nothing like themselves, they were drug addicts riding a high. The worst thing of all is that I can understand why Hughie would be so elated, because after the first two seasons he was useless to protect those he cared about. Earlier in the episode he was bullied by Homelander who was tormenting both Hughie and Starlight with his newfound not giving a F*@# attitude. Episode four continues to ratchet up the stakes of the season, and it has easily become the streaming series that I a most obsessed with (sorry Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ms. Marvel). Homelander is the villain of the series, and I admit that I was wrong about Supersonic who was brutally killed by Homelander to make a point to Starlight. Upon my first viewing of the episode, I did not catch that the corpse that Homelander showed Starlight was Supersonic, I had assumed it was just some random person. I thought that Starlight’s reaction was because she was worried for Hughie and her mother, after seeing the episode again her reaction made more sense.  

This episode also had me feeling for A-Train, until Homelander revealed that it was A-Train who sold out Starlight’s plan. It has been a very up and down three seasons for A-Train, I want him to be redeemed, but I am losing faith that he is capable of that. A-Train has always seemed a very self-interested person, he has never done the right thing for non-self-serving reasons. I like watching A-Train’s speed power visualized, but now that he has cost Supersonic his life, I am done hoping he can be redeemed. A-Train and The Deep are mirrors of each other, they follow Homelander no matter how evil he is and no matter how demeaning he is to them as long as they're part of The Seven. I felt that we were to start feeling sympathy for The Deep and A-Train with how Homelander treats them, but after episode four I hope both meet a terrible end since they are nothing but a couple of weak, ambitious losers. The Boys seems to take a perverse pleasure in finding ways to make you care about a character, and then they show you how they aren't worthy of caring about. Hughie and Butcher in their final appearance in the episode did not seem worried about Kimiko at all which was very disheartening. Five Year Glorious Plan was an episode that was entirely devoid of heroes, nobody did anything heroic except for Supersonic who died because he wanted to help Starlight. 

The Boys (the team) seems to be falling apart, MM made it clear that what Butcher had done might have ruined any hope that they would be able to work together. MM was told by Butcher that the reason he was on the team was because he could be the leader the team needs. Butcher has never really seemed the type, he formed the team to fulfill his desire for revenge. The adventure to Russia that The Boys went on had one of the most surprising choice of weapons I think I have ever seen. Kimiko uses a sex toy as a weapon to kill the target, and his security detail. This season has pushed the boundaries of depravity farther than I could have expected this season, Kimiko appears to be heading down a path where she wants to be free of her powers and the bloodshed that comes with them. With Kimiko’s health now in jeopardy I wonder where things go, I get a feeling she will heal, but it will take time. Whatever was done to Soldier Boy that gave him that ability to blast from his chest likely caused Kimiko’s healing problems. I assume Kimiko's powers will come back because I am not ready for her character to die, especially not like that. 

Antony Starr continues to dazzle as Homelander, I would have thought his take might get old, but it continues to get better as the writers keep finding ways for the character to surprise us (and not in a good way). Homelander taking Starlight to see the mutilated remains of Supersonic was scary, he was so calm, but it absolutely broke Starlight. Starlight is now maybe the lone beacon of light on this show, but I wonder how much more can she take before her inner light is snuffed out. Erin Moriarty has been just as strong as Antony Starr; they have good chemistry together (in the least romantic way possible). Having Homelander and Starlight pretend to be a couple has been great, it adds a level of tension to everything. Since we're talking about performances it was awesome to see the talk between Homelander and Stan Edgar, it gave both actors a lot to work with. Stan Edgar has a way of dismissing Homelander in a way that nobody else can, his utter disdain for Homelander is obvious, and his lack of fear to speak his mind to Homelander is admirable. Butcher and Homelander can argue, but they both get to each other, but it appears that nothing Homelander says or does breaches the coolness of Stan Edgar. I know Stan Edgar is not a good guy, but I am developing a respect for his strength in how he deals with his supes. 

The end of the episode with Hughie and Butcher was so surprising to me (it should not have been), seeing two characters I like starting to Break Bad threw me for a loop. I have always liked Hughie, Butcher and Kimiko more than MM and Frenchie; even with the events of this episode I still will root for them. The dependency on V24 will make Butcher and Hughie lose themselves, I am more worried about Hughie than I am Butcher. The use of V24 has side effects as we have seen with Butcher, I wonder if those effects get worse over time, and how will they get their next fix. With four more episodes left in the season, I am struggling with where the story is going; I feel like the shows subverts expectations at every turn. I am going to give episode four a 9/10, it was entertaining, thrilling, gory, gross and dramatic. The Boys is a bonkers show that also feature incredible acting and writing which makes it so unique for the genre. A superhero show that feature no real heroes (except Starlight) is a cynical creation that works for me in a way that almost no other show does. The Boys is a refreshing break from the positivity of the MCU, it is a more realistic (if you're a cynic) take on what would happen if humans got powers. The Boys is a must for adults who are fans of the superhero genre, the graphic and cynical nature of the show might not be for everyone, but it is one of the best shows currently airing.

Thank you for reading my review of The Boys fourth episode of season three, look out for review of episode five (which airs in less than 24 hours, and I am so excited).

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