Filipino Representation in Spiderman No Way Home

If you recall, Disney was looking for a 50-90-year-old Filipino or Filipino-American citizen for an undisclosed Walt Disney film earlier this year. They were seeking someone who could speak fluent English, travel and be authorized to work in Atlanta, Georgia, where the film will be shot. They didn't require any professional expertise; all they had to do was post a video introducing themselves and sharing a tale or a favourite activity. This Lola (grandmother) may now be seen in Spiderman No Way Home, the most recent MCU film.

Mary Rivera is the chosen Lola. Lola is referred to as grandmother in Tagalog.  In the film, she portrays the grandmother (Lola) of Ned Leeds, (Jacob Batalon) Spiderman's best buddy, who is an American actor born to Filipino parents in Hawaii. It portrays Filipino culture in the film. The grandmother's close relationship with her grandchild (apo), the respect for the elderly, and the typical Filipino family home. It's visible in the movie's objects, such as the sewing machine and the pandesal (Filipino bread) that Ned is carrying. The Filipino Lola (Mary Rivera) is seen speaking Tagalog without subtitles, with the grandchild (apo) interpreting for his lola to MJ and Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire to understand her.

You'll understand if you're a Filipino who speaks Tagalog. In Tagalog, Lola requested that the superheroes wipe up the spiderwebs in the corner of the ceiling. Another cool thing that happened in the movie is that the superheroes referred to her as Lola, much like Ned does. Salute to the film's screenwriter for creating a fantastic representation of a typical Filipino family around the world and introducing Tagalog into one of the most popular MCU films.


Filipino fans are ecstatic, delighted, and moved by the director's excellent work in the film.

If you haven't watched it yet, you should get ready and not miss one of the most anticipated MCU films of the year. If you can't get over it yet, you better watch again.

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