Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo Reveals Intimate Wedding Ceremony


Photo: mercadojenny instagram

After a photo of Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo wearing matching white suits flooded social media last week and was later taken down, the pair revealed their wedding in an intimate ceremony in their vlog with a title of "The Promise" and Instagram accounts with the hashtag #forevernahosijenatden.

The couple said that they married in a civil ceremony at Kathryn Bernardo's TGIS studio on November 15.

Jen's wedding dress suit, designed by fashion designer Vania Romoff, and Dennis' suit, designed by Edwin Tan, made the pair look magnificent.

Messages of congratulations inundated their social media pages from friends and fans.

Their wedding was captured beautifully by photographers Nelwin Uy and Pat Dy. And the video was filmed by Nice Print Photo. Fresh white flowers were used to decorate the wedding site, but pollen was removed prior to avoid triggering the actress's allergies.


They announced their engagement and the fact that Mercado is expecting their first child together just a few weeks ago. Both of them have boys from prior relationships, Dennis Trillo with beauty queen Carlene Aguilar and Jennylyn Mercado with actor Patrick Garcia.

Congratulations JenDen!

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