Angel Locsin, Neil Arce Reveals "We Got Married" in their Recent Vlog

WATCH:  As we are much happy as you about Angel and Neil's wedding, I am very excited to share with you this update. The couple's civil wedding ceremony is up. And they also uploaded in their vlog where they announced that they got married earlier.

Actress and philanthropist Angel Locsin and film producer Neil Arce surprised their friends and fans after the couple revealed that they got married in there seem to be a normal vlog which is entitled “Lipat Bahay Gang” uploaded on Saturday, August 7 in their Youtube channel “the Angel and Neil channel” but turned out to be a revelation vlog in the end.

In the clip, they said, “Oh by the way…. Since filming this vlog, we decided not to wait and just do it. We got married.”

The couple tied the knot in a civil wedding ceremony presided by Mayor Lino Cayetano. As seen in their pictures, they were wearing casual dresses. Angel wore black jeans and a white blazer with a white insert while Neil was also wearing black jeans and a white sweater 

The actress posted how “kilig” she is in her Instagram account. She wrote “and just like that” with a heart emoji and “Bukas na yung iba. Namimilipit pa ako sa kilig.”

Neil Arce also went into social media and posted “Pamine” with Angel Locsin’s photo.

Actress Dimples Romana, Locsin’s best friend, also posted in her  Instagram account saying “In case you missed the end of their surprise reveal vlog, check out the Angel and Neil channel on youtube. May we present to you, Mr. and Mrs @neil_arce”

Many fans, friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry poured their congratulatory messages as the big news broke.

In case you missed their photos, here are the snaps that were taken at their wedding by @niceprintphoto

Angel and Neil confirmed that they are dating in 2018. Got engaged in June 2019. November 2020 was their proposed wedding but due to pandemic, it was postponed. They were friends turned into lovers.

Congratulations Angel and Neil! Wishing you all the best!

Sources: Angel Locsin, Neil Arce, Niceprint Photo

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