Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 3 - 'A Rickconvenient Mort' Spoiler Review

 A Rickconvenient Mort made me feel old, the episode was poking fun at a children's animated show from 30 years ago and I totally understood the reference because I remember watching the show as a kid.  Episode three has again focused on Morty and his ruinous love life, this time we see Morty falling for an elemental construct called Planetina (voiced by Community alum Alison Brie).  Planetina is an idealistic superhero, and Morty is an idealistic teenage boy so of course, they got along.  While Morty was dealing with his complicated love life, Summer and Rick were planning to party hard, but that was derailed by Rick breaking his no attachments rule.  This was a simpler episode than the first two episodes of the season, I don't think anything hit as hard in this episode.  The first two episodes leaned into science fiction tropes while showcasing comedy and some brutal action.  The comedy, science fiction and action all took a backseat in this episode.  There were comedic, sci-fi, and action moments in this episode, but they were not as common.  In my review of episode two, I enjoyed them tackling the sci-fi elements of cloning, and I hoped each episode would focus on a different sci-fi idea.  I found the Planetina stuff a lot of fun, and I always appreciate the show's cynicism.  Seeing those idealistic children that wanted to save the world in the 90's grow up to be money-grubbing slimeballs made me happy.  


The cold open for episode three features Rick and Morty leaving a t-shirt store as acid rain starts falling.  A villain called Diesel Weasel appears, and Rick and Morty watch as a female hero appears and defeats Diesel Weasel.  The hero is called Planetina, Rick could care less, but Morty is very smitten with Planetina.  Morty asks Planetina out, Morty abandons Rick to go on a date with Planetina.  We get a commercial that explains Planetina's origin story, she comes to exist when a group of teens combine the power of their special rings to create her.  Morty is explaining his girlfriend to Beth who is very protective of Morty.  Rick who has given up on Morty since he is no longer single, asks Summer to go on a party tour with him.  Rick plans to visit a few planets that are about to experience extinction-level events, Rick plans to party with the people of those planets and leave before they all die.  Summer who is newly single is excited and goes to pack her things, meanwhile, Morty leaves to go to a forest fire that Planetina will likely appear to save.  Planetina arrives to put out the fire, and Morty asks her out again.  Planetina says that she has kids, the kids who brought her into existence with their power rings.  The "kids" arrive, and they are now adults who seem to be no longer interested in saving the world, they are more interested in capitalizing on Planetina's abilities.  A camera crew arrives to do an interview with Planetina, they notice Morty and asks if they are dating to which Morty replies yes.

Rick and Summer are on their way to their partying planets, Rick says the rule is not to get attached.  They are on a planet having a world-ending party, Rick sees an alien and he decides to party with them.  Summer and Rick escape the planet right before it is swallowed up by the sun, they are on their way to their next planet.  Morty and Planetina spend a night together, but they're interrupted by the "kids" summoning Planetina to a rally.  One of the "kids" plans to deal with Morty because they don't want him interfering with their plans for Planetina.  Rick and Summer are partying, but Rick has apparently gotten attached to the alien from their first planet.  Rick brought the alien (Daphne) he hooked up with to the new planet and he is partying with the alien, Summer then gets mad at Rick for breaking the only rule.  Morty meanwhile is locked in a room with one of the "kids" who attempts to threaten Morty.  We have seen the lengths Morty will go to when his love life is threatened like in episode one, Morty kills the "kid" and takes his ring.  Morty then interrupts a meeting where the remaining kids are selling Planetina to a rich guy who is about to eat baby seals.  Morty then kills all of the "kids" and the rich guy, Morty then collects the rings and uses them to summon Planetina.  

Summer, Rick and Daphne leave the second planet just in time, Daphne and Summer argue over Rick.  Planetina is having a game night with Morty and his parents, the night ends with a fight over the fact that Morty wants Planetina to move in with him.  Beth asks Planetina to leave, Morty angrily storms out of the house.  Planetina goes to a mining facility and when the miners won't listen to her, she kills all of them, much to Morty's horror.  Summer, Rick and Daphne are no longer partying, Summer is angry with Rick and Rick is busy dancing with Daphne.  Summer then gets mad and uses the weapons on the space car to stop the apocalypse, Summer is proved right when Daphne leaves Rick.  Summer and Rick reconcile on their way home, Rick appreciated that Summer averted an apocalypse just to spite Rick.  Planetina tries to win Morty back, but he is too upset with her actions to forgive her; Planetina in a rage flies away leaving Beth to comfort a broken-hearted Morty as credits roll.  The post-credit's scene involves an awkward encounter between a father and son on the last planet Rick and Summer visited.  


This episode had both some good and bad things about it, I am not sure whether I dislike or like A Rickconvenient Mort.  The episode was not as interesting as the first two of the season, but it was entertaining despite not possessing the best story.  I have noticed that the first three episodes have yet to feature a typical Rick and Morty adventure, I am not sure why, but it has to be intentional.  Rick and Morty does not really do season-long character arcs, but the characters have changed over time.  So far this season we have spent two episodes with a distracted Morty who is chasing a girl, and we have watched as Rick has struggled to achieve his goal of the episode.  I am not sure if this is something that will carry on throughout the season, but we will start to see a pattern emerge sometime soon.  The end of the episode featured both Rick and Morty being broken-hearted, while Rick deals with by accepting it, Morty cries to his mom.  Morty despite doing some crazy stuff is still a relatively inexperienced teenager, and I liked how episodes one and three have shown the struggles of teenage romance.  I have seen the cold open for episode four and it is a doozy, it also focuses on an aspect of a teenage boy's life, but you'll have to tune in for my episode four review for more information.  If the season just focuses in on the pitfalls of being a teenager, then I think we will have some really funny episodes.  

I thought the Rick and Summer storyline was going to be more extreme than it was, instead we got some debauchery, but not as much as I had expected.  Rick has kind of felt sidelined so far this season, the most we got of him was in episode two.  I really liked his plan of going to worlds about to die so he could party, but I thought the execution could have been funnier.  It is funny how similar Beth, Summer and Rick are, they all have a tendency to lose their cool and do something rash.  They also rarely do something rash for the right reasons, when they act it is often in anger and any good consequences of their actions is accidental.  Summer in this episode saves an entire planet, she was not doing it to save people she was doing it to prove a point to Rick.  Rick then appreciates the way she did it, he was proud of her doing something to prover her point.  I do wonder if we will see Planetina again, I really hope so; I think she will make a fun villain who could go on to have a love hate relationship with Morty.  Morty, like Summer killed Planetina's "kids" not because he had to, but because they were going to prevent him from seeing her.  The Smith family is all kinds of messed up, and I hope we have some follow up to the threesome that Jerry and Beth had with Mr. Nimbus.  Please come back shortly for my review of episode four, I hope you enjoyed the review and let me know what you thought of A Rickconvenient Mort.

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