Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 1 Episodes 7 - "Battle Scars" Spoiler Review

Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in; episode seven titled Battle Scars has renewed my enjoyment of The Bad Batch.  We knew that The Clone Wars star Captain Rex would appear in The Bad Batch, but I was shocked he appeared so soon.  Captain Rex's appearance also sets up that he is working for someone who is not the Empire.  I would assume Rex is assisting with the beginning of the Rebellion.  I noticed too that Rex's appearance in The Bad Batch might be a bit of a retcon, Rex also appeared in Star Wars: Rebels.  In Rebels, Rex was living on an AT-TE with two other clones, I wonder how he goes from helping the Rebellion to his appearance on Rebels.  There might not be an issue with canon, maybe part of Rex's story will be left vague until his story is eventually filled in. My two favourite characters of the show so far are Wrecker and Omega, this was a great episode for the two of them.  Wrecker is basically a freakishly strong child, which is why him and Omega get along so well, they are both kids.  When Wrecker's chip takes over, we see just how formidable he can be.  In my review of episodes five and six I mentioned that I was getting tired of Omega constantly saving CF99, in episode six that was no longer the case.  In episode seven like episode six Omega needed to be saved, Omega is a child who is not trained she cannot be the best soldier in the team.   


Battle Scars starts with Clone Force 99 (CF99) escaping from some bad guys, they were on a mission to away acquire a creature for Cid.  While they are in Cid's bar, a stranger is also waiting; the stranger is revealed to be Captain Rex.  Rex was the person who Rafa and Trace Martez had contacted at the end of episode six.  Rex tells CF99 his story and when he witnesses Wrecker's headache issue, he becomes alert.  Rex becomes even wearier after he is told that CF99 has not removed their inhibitor chips yet.  Rex offers to help them get the chips removed, CF99 then heads to a Starship graveyard.  Rex needs the operating room on one of the shipwrecked Jedi starships to remove the inhibitor chips.  

They get onto a starship; due to all the damage they need to traverse a dangerous part of the ship to get to the medical bay.  They make it to the medical bay, but Wrecker's chip causes him to turn against everyone.  Wrecker now under the control of the chip takes out Rex, Hunter, Tech and Echo before he goes after Omega.  Wrecker says that all clones in violation of Order 66 shall be terminated.  Omega gets trapped in a room with Wrecker, she is hiding, but he eventually finds her.  Wrecker is about to shoot Omega, but he is stunned by a shot in the back.  Wrecker has his chip removed, but it takes a long time, and he does not regain consciousness upon the completion of the procedure.  Omega will not leave Wrecker's side until he wakes up, when Wrecker wakes up, he is okay.  Tech, Echo and Hunter each undergo the procedure to have their chips removed.  After the procedure, Rex tells Hunter that he has always protected the Republic and he won't stop now.  Rex tells Hunter to let him know where CF99 settle, and they are welcome to join the fight against the Empire any time they want.  As the episode ends the junkyard workers see the clones and notify the empire of their presence.   


We are not yet at the halfway point of season one, but we have been three bland episodes (2,4, and 5) and three solid episodes (3,6, and 7) and one amazing episode (1).  With the inhibitor chips now removed, I am curious to see where the story goes from here.  With the Empire being notified of their presence I get a feeling that in episode eight we will see Crosshair come into conflict with his former team.  Hunter now has even better idea of what the chip can do to someone, Hunter will at some point try and trap Crosshair in order to remove his chip.  After encountering the Empire, I wonder what Hunter is looking to do.  Hunter told Rex that he was looking to settle down, not retire but get somewhere safe for Omega.  Battle Scars was a good episode, and the time flew by while watching it.  Battle Scars introduced Captain Rex to The Bad Batch universe, and it ended any tension about whether any member of CF99 would succumb to the inhibitor chip.  If Hunter's priority right now is to keep Omega safe, I wonder what CF99 will have to do to keep her safe.  We still do not know who hired Fennec Shand, and until we do Hunter will need to be weary of trusting anybody.  I am surprised Hunter did not try to get Rex's help in protecting Omega and learning more about why she is a target.  With two solid episodes in a row, I am now back into believing that The Bad Batch is a must watch show.  I know there will be more episodes that are boring, but I am sure the good episodes will be really good to make up for the slower ones.  

I hope you enjoyed my review, and you check out my review for episode nine.  Until then check out my review of episodes one and two of Loki and then keep an eye out for my top 15 episodes of Rick and Morty so far.  

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