Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 1 - 'Mort Dinner Rick Andre' Spoiler Review

 In the opening moments of Rick and Morty's season five premiere we get a glimpse of Rick and Morty in another universe killing vampires.  That's right Rick and Morty teased a universe where Rick and Morty are daywalkers like Blade.  I recently did an article in anticipation of season five where I talked about my favourite 15 Rick and Morty episodes, I noticed that a lot of my favourite episodes featured acts of brutal violence carried out by either Rick and/or Morty.  Morty losing it and starting a war with people in another universe was great.  I like it when Morty loses his cool and shows he is no better than Rick.  This episode featured my two favourite types of Morty, the selfish, unfocused Morty gets dumped on for failing; and the fed up angry Morty who loses his cool and overreacts.  The addition of Mr. Nimbus to the growing list of Rick's enemies is the funniest enemy yet.  Mr. Nimbus seems to be a combination of Aquaman (DC comics) and Namor (Marvel comics) if they were also super horny.  I am curious if Mr. Nimbus will make another appearance at some point, I sure hope he does.  

Since the episode started mid-adventure, I have no idea how Rick got hurt, but I wish we got to the see beginning of the mission.  I wonder if Rick got hurt because he was protecting Morty, or more likely Rick getting hurt was his own fault.  Summer was not a big part of the episode, but when she did appear she was hilarious.  I also like how Rick and Morty tackles science fiction, the idea of the other world and how time moves there was put to great use in the episode.  I became invested in that other world; I was cheering for them.  Morty only thinking of himself caused one man to lose his family and die by his own son's hands.  Rick was always going to get his ass kicked by Mr. Nimbus, his plan to use Summer to get the conch shell was always going to fail.  Morty, had he shown more thoughtfulness might have avoided all of the problems he had in this episode.  


The episode starts in what appears the end of an adventure we never got to see, Rick is badly hurt and Morty is carrying him back to the car/ship.  Morty is driving/flying, and they are about to crash land, so Morty calls Jessica, and she is open to going on a date with Morty.  Morty with hope manages to avoid crashing, but they land in the ocean.  Rick comes to and realizes they're in the ocean and freaks out; out of the water comes Rick's nemesis Mr. Nimbus. (voiced by Dan Harmon).  Rick is setting up the dining table because Mr. Nimbus is coming over for dinner, Rick who is angry with Morty assigns Summer the task of retrieving the source of Mr. Nimbus' power while he is distracted at dinner.  Mr. Nimbus arrives and Jerry attempts to call the police saying that "a strange, horny ocean is on his lawn", but Mr. Nimbus controls the police, and nothing happens.  Mr. Nimbus then propositions Beth and Jerry for a threesome since he heard they mentioned that they are now a sex-positive couple.  Rick gives Morty one task which is to retrieve the wine for dinner, Rick places the wine in a time portal so the wine is aged up faster.  Morty has Jessica over for a date, so he is distracted when retrieving the wine.  When Morty enters the time portal to get the wine he encounters a friendly dog-man who offers his assistance carrying the wine.  Morty just wanting to get it over with accepts the help and when he and the dog-man re-enter the garage the portal door closes.  Morty then thanks the dog-man for his assistance and opens the portal door, but when the dog-man goes home he finds time has passed greatly on his side of the portal.  The dog-man's pregnant wife is now long-dead, and his son kills him for abandoning the family.  The dog-man then tells his son about Morty, and the feud begins.  

The dinner between Rick and Mr. Nimbus is about coming to terms since Rick broke their treaty by touching the ocean.  Morty needs to get more wine, when he enters the portal the dog-man's son was waiting for Morty, and he precedes to kick Morty's ass.  Morty escapes but realizes he still needs the wine, so he goes back again and beats up the dog-man's son who is now an old dog-man.  The feud then passes on to the old dog-man's children who build a fortress around the portal doorway.  Centuries pass and we see that people now guarding the doorway are a different generation who have never seen Morty.  Morty tries to prevent Jessica from leaving by saying he is going to get the wine, so Morty rushes back into the other world and is instantly attacked by the occupants.  Morty escapes again and arms up before heading back into the other world.  We watch as more time passes in the other world, the ruling clan has changed when Morty arrives and kills most of them, then he takes the wine and leaves.  

Morty brings Jessica the wine and they kiss, but in the other world, time has moved forward the dog-people have become a modern civilization whose goal is to kill Morty.  The other world has sent a warrior into Rick and Morty's world to kill Morty, the assassin fails after being stabbed by Jessica.  Jessa is taken into the other world where Morty goes to retrieve her, but their civilization has advanced greatly, and they trick Morty.  Morty now captured, sees Jessica who has been frozen in time in the other world for what seems likes centuries.  Morty escapes and frees Jessica, but they need Rick's help to escape.  Rick helps, but he too is overpowered by this advanced society until Mr. Nimbus comes to their aid and saves them all.  Jessica then believes she is now a time god and dumps Morty.  Rick and Mr. Nimbus settle their issues, but Summer arrives with Mr. Nimbus source of power a conch shell.  Mr. Nimbus infuriated that Rick tricked him starts beating up Rick, Summer then blows the conch shell thinking it would stop Mr. Nimbus, but all it does is make Mr. Nimbus stronger.  Mr. Nimbus then calls the police and tells them to arrest Rick who is taken to jail.   The post-credit scene involves Beth and Jerry going to do the threesome with Mr. Nimbus.  


This episode parodied both My Dinner with Andre and the TV and film trope of the dinner party farce in such excellent ways.  The dinner party farce something I am more familiar with, Rick even mentioned Frasier in reference to how the dinner party was going.  The dinner party stuff was quite funny, seeing Jerry and Beth debate whether to do the threesome was hilarious and when Morty blamed Jerry's horniness as the reason the wine was smashed was perfection.  The show seems to be firing on all cylinders when they are all taking shots at each other, when they are at each other's throats is always good.  The thing that makes each season of Rick and Morty so special is that there is rarely a strong tie episode to episode.  There are themes running, characters, and villains returning but this no season-long plot arc.  It means every episode feels fresh and new, you can never predict what you will see week to week.  This was a great way to start the new season, and I can't wait until I can watch episode two.  Thank you for reading and join me next week for my review of episode two.  

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