TESDA Courses in Demand Abroad

Because of the pandemic, many have been affected, economically, financially and emotionally. Businesses closed, and many people’s jobs were laid off.

TESDA, the technological institute of the Philippines developed a program that offers free online courses to Filipinos that they can take just take at home and without contact with other people. 

Yes. No tuition fee is involved and you can do it at your own pace. It’s contactless and you can do it with no worries of getting the coronavirus. 

Either you just want to have the additional skills or you can use the course/courses that you will take as your weapon in starting your business or side hustle.

If one or one of your family has been temporarily or permanently laid off from your job which gives your family bread and butter because of the pandemic, this is for you and you should continue reading until the end.



This course is a very interesting, challenging and exciting course if you want to become a baker or patissier. This also suits you if you are planning to have a cake business or have your own bakery. You will learn here, about cake making-the common terminologies use in baking, the personal protective equipment that you need in cake making, safety measures in the kitchen, the measuring tools and types of equipment that you need to use and their maintenance, how to sanitize your work environment, the measurements and conversions to make the perfect cake. 

It will teach you how to prepare and make sponges and cakes, and how to prepare fillings, coatings, icings and decorations. Not only that, of course, you will also be able to know how to present your cakes and how to store them in a way that it's moist and will be preserved even for a few days.


In the cookery course, you can learn more skills in cooking hot meals, cold meals and preparing sweets. This course is intended for people who are planning to offer meals or sweets for their side income or even a full-time business. This is also a great course for new moms who are struggling in the kitchen to prepare food for the family. 

In preparing hot meals, you will learn how to prepare lots of different hot dishes from egg, vegetable, meat, poultry and seafood meals. You can also learn how to make sauces, stocks and soups for cold weather days.

While this course will also teach you how to prepare lighter meals like appetizers, salads and their dressings and also sandwiches which you can make for snacks or an easy-to-go food to work or school.

In preparing sweets, this mostly tackles the ingredients used in preparing desserts, tools and equipment needed, how to prepare and plate an enticing dessert and of course how to store them.


This course prepares on how to properly offer and do your housekeeping services. You can use this if you are planning to apply as an attendant in a hotel, offer your housekeeping services to some private individuals/employers for your side income or if you want to apply for some housekeeping agencies that offer these services.

Here, you are going to learn how to provide guest room services, housekeeping services, laundry services, public area services, valet services and deal with intoxicated guests if you are working in a hotel/motel/inn.

This course will tell you from grooming when doing the services, what supplies you need to have in your trolley, how to make beds, clean rooms, bathrooms, kitchenette area, vacuum floors, replenish guest amenities, and how to deal with lost and founds.

This course also deals with properly performing laundry, sorting items of clothing, checking for stains, laundry equipment used and cleaning agents, and also how to fold, iron and pack your laundered items. 

This course is so packed that it also includes how to clean public areas, floors, walls, windows and furniture, front and back of the house. It also teaches you how to clean and disinfect trash cans and how to use chemicals safely.


This course is right for you if you are interested in offering pedicure, manicure, hand and foot spa to people to earn extra income or if you plan to have your own salon and also if you already know about this but wants to improve yourself so you can make as your side gig.

This course, lets you understand the nails and bones of your hands and feet. It also tells you about the tools, equipment, and products used to care for your nails. It also tells you about the basic techniques: cutting, filing, buffing and polishing your nails. Then, properly doing basic manicures is being taught here as well as performing hand spa, exfoliating or paraffin treatment. You can also learn plain foot pedicures and foot spa. Of course, it will teach you too how to do your post services: aftercare and advice and also how to sanitize your tools and equipment after performing the procedure.


Do you have extra food items? Or have an interest in food processing to make foods that you love last longer. Or do you plan to sell your own products? Nowadays, offering your products to people is very easy through social media. You make, prepare and share. So, this food processing course can be of great help to your family especially if you lose your job because of the pandemic. 

Food processing covers processing foods in different methods. It includes drying and dehydration, fermentation and pickling, salting, curing and smoking, by sugar concentration and thermal application.

This includes preparing your raw products for the processing method and using tools and equipment to package and store and labelling your products.


With this course, you will be able to learn how to properly perform 3 different kinds of massage. The Swedish massage, Thai massage and Shiatsu massage. Aside from being one of the most in-demand skills right now abroad, you can use this as a side hustle. You can offer your services first to your friends, family, and colleagues until it will be spread by word of mouth if they are satisfied with your service.

This starts by learning how to properly perform different types of massage that you can offer. the Swedish, Thai and Shiatsu massage.


If your interest is in automotive, finishing this short course is a great tool for you to offer your services in testing, removing and replacing automotive batteries as well as servicing and charging automotive batteries.

You can also do the diesel engine tune-up where you are going to learn also how to set and install the injection pumps to the engine, inspect injection timing, and bleeding injection system components.


Plumbing is one of the highly paid skills that you can offer. Either you can offer on your own or you can apply to construction companies making buildings, and houses and need somebody to do the plumbing jobs. 

In this short TESDA course, it will tell you about leak testing (tools and equipment used), how to perform multiple plumbing installations and assembly, how to perform plumbing repair and maintenance (replacement of pipes and fixtures, declogging drains), and to do the estimates of materials for multiple plumbing units.


This is another great course for you if you like to do electrical installation and maintenance. You can advertise this service in your community or through social media and once there are people who need this service they can contact you so, this can add to your monthly income.

This teaches you about wiring and cabling work, power, lighting and auxiliary systems.

You can also learn the skill of installing electrical protective devices for distribution, power, lighting and ground systems. While installing wiring devices on the floor and wall-mounted outlets as well as lighting fixtures, switches and auxiliary outlets.


Nowadays, growing dragon fruit is one of the trending businesses in the country. TESDA covers you if you want to enter into the business. Taking a fruit grower course lets you learn from choosing and assessing a good site for your planting fruits. It also shows you how to properly grow fruit seedling and fruit trees and how to monitor their growth, from weeding to applying the right fertilizer, irrigation and flower inducers. This course also tells you the indicators of when to harvest your fruits, the materials and tools needed and shows you methods of harvesting fruits.

The above-mentioned courses are just some of the courses you can take for free and are very useful to help your family's additional income.

After each course, you will even receive a certificate and when the pandemic is over, you can take the national certificate assessment in one of the nearest TESDA centres in your area.

To enroll in these courses, please click this link for complete steps in enrolling in the said courses How to Register and Enroll in TESDA Online CoursesList of Free TESDA Online Courses

Good luck. Hope this will help you and enjoy learning and earning after.

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