Wandavision - Episode 5 Spoiler Review

Episode five of Wandavision is titled "On a Very Special Episode..." we have now made it to the 80's sitcom style.  The episode had less comedy than the previous episodes, but the episode was not free of humor.  I can't go any further without mentioning the ending of the episode, what the hell was that I both loved and am confused by it.  It was the perfect way to end an episode, now fans will be speculating about the last scene until next Friday.  The last scene featured what I speculated about in my episode four review, the return of Wanda's brother Pietro (Quicksilver).  The twist being that Pietro was no longer played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Pietro is now played by Evan Peters, the actor who played Quicksilver in the Fox X-Men films.  I will speculate more on this later, but the reveal gave the episode a shocking cliff-hanger of an ending.  

There were some things I forgot to mention in my episode four review.  The choice to end episode four with Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child playing over the credits was awesome.  I have been trying to figure out why that song, but I don't think it was because they thought it was a cool song.  The Voodoo Child makes me think of Wanda, but the song is about the creation of a new world of rock and roll, Wanda is creating a new world in the series.  Agent Jimmy Woo had a whiteboard where he was making notes, one of the notes was about the hexagonal shape of the town Wanda has created.  I am wondering if the shape has meaning and it must, but I have no clue, is it because in the comics Wanda's powers are referred to as her hex powers.  Is the missing person that Jimmy Woo was looking for an important person or was it just a reason he was there.  I would not be surprised if it is revealed the missing person in witness protection is someone important, but it could also be a reason to kick off the investigation.  Episode referenced Agnes' husband Ralph, who we have yet to meet is Ralph Jimmy Woo's missing witness or is Ralph the true villain.   The last thing I missed talking about from episode four was the last few lines of dialogue in the episode between Wanda and Vision.  The scene is after Wanda has kicked Monica out of the town, Vision enters and says, "we don't have to stay, we can go anywhere" and Wanda replies, "no we can't, this is our home", and Visions counters "are you sure" and Wanda ends the episode with "don't worry darling, I have everything under control".  Those few lines are packed with a lot of meaning, Vision is starting to get a weird feeling about the town, and he is willing to go somewhere else.  Wanda saying, they can't leave implies they are trapped, or at least if she wants to keep this fairy tale alive it has to be in Westview.  Wanda also saying she has everything under control, made me uneasy because I think she definitely does not have anything under control.  Episode five makes it clear that Wanda is losing control, but Wanda will not give up without a fight.  Episodes four and five have really given fans a sense of Wanda's power, but also her fragile emotional state.  


The episode begins with Wanda and Vision struggling to deal with their kids non-stop crying, Wanda attempts to use her powers to stop the crying, but it is no use.  As Wanda and Vision are at their wit's end Agnes shows up to help, which was weird because Wanda just said, "maybe we just need some help".  Things get weird as Agnes offers to help, but Vision is reluctant to let her assist and Agnes awkwardly turns to Wanda and says "do you want me to take that again" as if they are doing a bit.  It is a very awkward 30 seconds and then everything gets light and breezy again.  This time Vision asks Wanda why Agnes is acting weird, Wanda as usual blows off Vision's concerns.  Things get weirder as the crying stops and Wanda and Vision check the cribs which are empty, then behind them Billy and Tommy appear but now they are a few years older.  Agnes then comments "children you can't control them, no matter how hard you try".  The credits start, and it is obvious a 1980's inspired sitcom episode, the credits have very interesting lyrics and include some very funny early years photos of Vision.  

We now join Monica as Director Hayward is asking what is the first thing she remembers, Monica replies pain, Wanda's voice in her head, a feeling keeping her down, a hopeless feeling, like drowning, it was grief.  Monica is being medically evaluated; she sees Jimmy Woo who introduces her to Darcy, who says she is a big fan.  The medic says they need to take a new scan as the previous one is blank and they need to draw more blood too, Monica says no.  Monica is at a briefing held by Hayward, Hayward says Wanda is the principal victimizer, Hayward asks Jimmy if Wanda has another name an alias, Hayward pushes Wanda's history as confirming she is a terrorist.  Monica disagrees with Hayward; Monica believes Wanda is not doing this to hurt people.  Hayward shows security footage of Wanda breaking into a S.W.O.R.D. facility and stealing Vision's corpse.  This occurred nine days, Jimmy says stealing the corpse was against Vision's living will (he did not want to be used as a weapon).

Billy and Tommy are in the kitchen washing a dog they found in the kitchen sink, Wanda walks in and the boys try to hide the dog, but Wanda hears a bark and discovers the puppy.  Vision joins them in the kitchen, Vision is in his human guise because as he says he thinks someone will pop in for a visit.  Agnes then enters the kitchen carrying a doghouse, Wanda then magically creates a dog collar for the puppy in front of Agnes, Vision is upset with Wanda for using her powers in front of Agnes.  Wanda and Vision talk, and they agree the boy should be 10 years old before they can have a puppy, Billy and Tommy then make themselves age up until they are 10 years old.

Back outside of Westview Monica and Darcy are trying to figure out a way to safely re-enter Westview, Monica says she knows an aerospace engineer who might be up for the task.  Jimmy, Darcy and Monica argue about the strength of Wanda's powers, Jimmy and Darcy suggest Captain Marvel might be as strong as Wanda.  The mention of Captain Marvel seems to make Monica uncomfortable and Monica quickly changes the subject.  They check Monica's clothes she was wearing inside Westview and discover that her clothes are actually the same clothes she was wearing before she entered Westview.  They come to the conclusion that Wanda is re-writing reality.  Monica then realizes there is a way to enter Westview, what goes in must be something that doesn't need to change to fit in.  

We join Vision who is back at the office with Norm, Norm makes a joke that Vision is so good with computer it is as if he speaks their language.  Vision starts surfing the internet with a commodore 64, he sees there is an email it is a S.W.O.R.D. communique written by Darcy warning that there is a high level of radiation at the perimeter and the effects on the residents of Westview are unknown.  The office workers find the email funny and Norm says, "it's a joke, can't you tell, none of it is real", Vision is disturbed by the email.  Vision places his fingertips on either side of Norm's head causing Norm's real personality to reappear.  Norm says please help me, he is confused not knowing what day it is, he wants his phone to check in with his family, Norm tells Vision "You have to stop her... she's in my head, none of it is my own, it hurts, it hurts so much, make her stop" Vision places Norm back into his dreamlike persona.  

The boys are teaching Sparky (the new puppy) to do tricks, the kids ask where their dad is, Wanda tries to tell the boys that the day is Monday, but the boys know it is Saturday.  Wanda then explains that sometimes family don't get along, but they love each other, and they eventually find their way back to each other.  Sparky senses something and heads to the door, Wanda senses something too and opens the front door and Sparky runs out.  We see footage from a drone (we are told it is an old model from the 80's), Monica is piloting the drone, on the broadcast Wanda (or someone else) is censoring the drone.  The broadcast shows Wanda and the kids looking up into the sky, but we cannot see what they are looking at. Monica is trying to talk to Wanda, Wanda's eyes start to glow red, Hayward takes over the operation and tries to kill Wanda using the drone.  Alarms start ringing in the command tent, the broadcast goes to "please stand by" as everyone runs outside.  We see someone walk through the barrier, it is Wanda, and she is holding the drone.  Wanda is dressed in her typical Avengers uniform, Wanda says this is their only warning (she now has her accent back), Wanda knows who director Hayward is.  Monica tries to reason with Wanda, she asks what Wanda wants, Wanda replies "I have what I want, and no one is going to take it from me again".  Wanda uses her powers to take control of the soldiers surrounding her and she has the soldiers point their guns at Hayward as Wanda re-enters Westview.

We cut to another commercial for Lagos brand paper towel for "when you make a mess you didn't meant to".  The boys are searching for Sparky, the mailman says your mom won't let him get far.  Agnes found Sparky, but he ate something he shouldn't have and died.  The boys are upset, they look like they are going to age themselves up again until Wanda stops them.  Wanda gives the boys a lecture about the rules in life, like you can't age yourself up, you can't reverse death, no matter how sad it makes us.  Wanda says some things are forever, Vision arrives and comforts the children.  Vision confronts Wanda about what is going on in Westview, Vision says she cannot control him like she does the others, Wanda then makes the credits roll.  Vision won't give in, he wants to know what is outside of Westview, Wanda says "you don't want to know".  Vision is angry and Wanda says he never talked to her like this before, Vision replies "before what, I can't remember my life before Westview, I don't know who I am, I'm scared".  Wanda tells Vision he is her husband and a father, Vision asks why are there no other children in Westview.  Wanda says she is not controlling everything, that she doesn't know how any of this started, Vision says what she is doing is wrong, the doorbell rings and Wanda says she did not do that.  Wanda opens the door and sees her brother there, her brother is now played by Evans Peters, he says "long lost bro get squeeze his stinking sister to death", Wanda and Pietro embrace, and Pietro sees Vision and says "who's the popsicle" ending the episode.


It seems that Wandavision gets better with every episode, I enjoyed episode five more than I enjoyed episode four.  With each episode, we get more pieces of the puzzle, but the puzzle also seems to increase in size too.  This episode had a lot of significant reveals, or possibly red herrings meant to confuse us.  Monica getting evaluated after being kicked out of Westview was very interesting, her scans came back blank and there was an ask for more blood work which Monica refused.  I am not sure if there is more to that, but I think there is reason to think there is something there.  In the comics, Monica is also known as Photon, a hero who is exposed to a device which then gives her powers.  Will Monica gain powers due to her experience in the Hex, or will she gain powers by the end of the show.  It could also be as simple as Monica lost her mother to cancer, getting tests has her nervous about what the results may show.  Monica mentions reaching out to a colleague of hers who specializes in aerospace engineering to assist in building a mobile vault that could enter the Hex.  I wonder who that is hinting at, could it be an MCU character we have already met or will it introduce a new character.  Could this engineer be Reed Richards, Sue Richards, Victor Von Doom or Abigail Brand.  I assume mentioning the character means we will meet them at some point before the series ends.       

My suspicions about Director Hayward that I mentioned in my episode four review are proving correct, not only did he seem unconcerned about Monica's health, but he also seemed to very easily dismiss Monica's first-hand experience.  Hayward also went behind Monica's back to have the drone armed so he can take a shot at Wanda.  I am now convinced that Hayward is a bad guy, but we were given no new information beyond his actions in the episode.  My theories are Hayward could be a Kree sleeper agent, or just a guy who wants to hold on to his power and will hurt anyone who crosses him, or he is possibly something worse.  There seems to a confrontation building between Monica and Hayward, we know Monica will have Jimmy Woo and Darcy behind her, but Hayward will have S.W.O.R.D. behind him unless Monica can prove he is not trustworthy.  In episode four Hayward upon learning that Vision was alive said he needed to return to HQ, he is back in episode five and tells the team that Wanda stole Vision's body from a S.W.O.R.D. facility.  Did Hayward know about Vision's corpse being stolen in episode four and did not say anything or did he return to HQ because he wanted to confirm Vision's corpse was still in S.W.O.R.D.S.'s custody.  Also, the video suggests Vision's body was being experimented upon, rather than being stored or secured.  According to Vision's wishes, experimenting with his body was off-limits, maybe that is why Wanda took Vision's body.  

Wanda and Vision's kids, Billy and Tommy grow up to be heroes too, Wiccan and Speed.  I am curious if we will see them as with powers by the end of the show, or if they will even be alive by the end.  The MCU has been hinting that they are building towards a Young Avengers team, and I think Wiccan and Speed make a lot of sense.  We know that Scott Lang's (Ant-Man) daughter Cassie will be aged up for the next Ant-Man film, in the upcoming Hawkeye series we know Kate Bishop will be in it, in Black Widow we will meet Natasha's little sister who also can kick some ass, and there is a Ms. Marvel TV series on its way too.  I think there is a very strong chance we see a Young Avengers film or TV series before we see the next Avengers film.  Billy and Tommy aged themselves up at two points in the episode, I wonder if by the next episode Billy and Tommy are teenagers.  I was wondering if each week is a new decade of television, would the children grow in ages, I think I am starting to think so.  Is Wanda even in control of everything as we have felt or is there a greater force at work.  Wanda tells Vision that she is not controlling everything and that she doesn't know how everything started.  Wanda also exited Westview to give a warning to S.W.O.R.D. about interfering with Westview, there is something there, but I am not sure what it is yet.  Agnes does seem like a character that keeps appearing at just the right moments to stir things up, and when Norm mentioned stop her, he might not have been talking about Wanda.  Wanda's attempt to prevent the kids from ageing up again after the death of Sparky was very hypocritical, giving this is all happening because Wanda refuses to face her grief over Vision's death.  

Another theory that is being discussed is if the commercials in the episodes are not only nods to important moments in Wanda's past but also references to the infinity stones.  The first commercial is about Stark toasters and the commercial is in black and white but the light blinking on the toaster is in color.  The blinking light appears to be yellow like the mind stone which was in Vision's possession until Thanos ripped it out of his head killing Vision.  Wanda blamed Tony Stark for the death of her parents which led to her getting powers from the mind stone.  The second commercial was for Strucker Watches, which might be a nod to the time stone which was in the possession of Dr. Strange.  Strucker was the man who was leading Hydra, and he was the man who convinced Wanda and her brother to be experimented upon.  The third commercial was for Hydra Soak, which is for when you just need to get away, a reference to the space stone which is blue like the packaging for Hydra Soak.  Hydra being a reference to the organization led by Baron von Strucker who was an adversary for the Avengers.  The most recent commercial was for Lagos a paper towel brand that is for cleaning up a mess you did not mean to make.  The logo for Lagos is red which is a reference to the reality stone, which can be used to re-write reality.  Lagos is the city where Wanda used her powers to protect Captain America from a suicide bomb, but she ended up causing a building to blow up which led to the events of Civil War.  At first, I did not give much thought to the theory about the infinity stones, but it is getting harder to deny that each commercial might be hinting at infinity stones and important parts of Wanda's past. 

I think the show has excelled at building up what is happening in Phase Four of the MCU.  I do not think Evan Peters appearance in the episode was just a gimmick.  We know that both Spider-Man 3 and Doctor Strange 2 will feature the appearance of other characters we have seen in other Marvel universes (multiverse).  Another thing to consider is that Marvel has not shared how it intends to introduce the X-Men and Fantastic Four into the MCU.  We have been told that the director of the Spider-Man MCU films, Jon Watts will be directing the Fantastic Four film.  We have been given no information about the X-Men yet, but I am positive Marvel has plans.  I am guessing Marvel will introduce mutants and possibly the X-Men in another film, after the introduction Marvel will release details about the films.  I am a little disappointed that Aaron Taylor-Johnson did not reprise his role from Age of Ultron, I am also very excited at what Peters might do as Pietro.  Pietro's appearance seemed to even shock Wanda, I am not sure if his appearance is due to her out of control powers or some other force.  In true Evan Peters' Quicksilver snark, he refers to Vison as a popsicle.  With each new installment Wandavision keeps getting me more excited and more invested, I know I did not fully appreciate episodes one and two, but I believe they were necessary to get us where we are now.  I will see you next week with my review of episode six.  

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