Andi Eigenman Successfully Gives Birth to Third Baby: Baby Boy

Andi Eigenman gives birth to her baby boy with Philmar Alipayo via caesarian section on January 17, 2021 at 11:10 in the morning at the Global City, Taguig, St Luke's Medical Center.

 She shared their first photograph with her baby with fiance Philmar Alipayo on her Instagram account.

In her Instagram account, she thanked her fiance for being on her side. She stated, "We did it again papa! Thank you for being my rock."

In Philmar's Instagram post, he also thanked Andi for bringing their boy to this world. He added how proud he is of his mahal and continues, that she is the strongest person he knows.

Andi's mom, Jaclyn Jose immediately posted a congratulatory greetings on her Instagram account saying "Congratulations anak for having a successful delivery to our newest member of the family. bouncing healthy baby boy", she added.

It was in August 2020 when she also shared the good news that they will have another baby with Philmar. It is her third baby. First is Ellie, 9-year-old (daughter with former boyfriend Jake Ejercito), second is Lilo, 1-year-old (first daughter of Andi and Philmar).

In December 2020, Andi also shared that she is already engaged to Philmar Alipayo, a Popular surfing champion. Meanwhile, Andi Eigenman is also a known actress and model in the Philippines and the daughter of veteran actress Jaclyn Jose and veteran actor Mark Gil.

In Philmar's Instagram post, he said, " She said, YES! I love you so much."

Congratulations, Andi and Philmar! Also to the very happy grandmother Jaclyn Jose.

Sources: Instagram ( Andi Eigenman, Philmar Alipayo, Jaclyn Jose)

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