The Mandalorian: Season 2 Episode 6 Review - The Tragedy Spoiler Review

 What an intense and action-packed 30 minutes, I have no clue how the episode manages to fit all of that into 30 minutes.  In my review from last week (The Mandalorian: Season 2 Episode 5 Review - The Jedi Spoiler Review) I theorized that Moff Gideon would show up on Typhon and there would be more Star Wars lore reveals.  I was right on both accounts, though I never would have guessed that Grogu would have been taken by Moff Gideon.  The episode was written by showrunner Jon Favreau and directed by Robert Rodriguez, this episode had some of the best action yet in the show and I think we can credit Robert Rodriguez with that.  Disney has definitely given Favreau a bigger budget for season two and the show has looked better, had bigger action and the plot has been more focused.  All of those things have led me to feel that the show has gotten a lot better and continues to get better with each episode.  


As soon as I saw Slave 1 show up in the episode, I knew who was on it and I knew what I wanted my title picture for the article to be.  When we saw Temuera Morrison in episode one of season two I suggested he could be either Boba Fett or a clone soldier, he was Boba Fett.  Having Boba Fett be in the show always made sense since Jon Favreau came up with the idea before the prequels were out.  Slave 1 has such an iconic look and I remember first seeing it in Episode V, it was cool looking then and seeing it again in episode II was awesome.  I expected to see Boba Fett, but I never expected to see Slave 1 in The Mandalorian and I got really excited to see it enter Typhon's atmosphere.  Boba Fett and Slave 1 were very popular due to their designs and where Boba Fett was eliminated in an embarrassing way in Episode VI, Slave 1 was still cool.  Episode II redeemed Boba Fett in the sense that his father, Jango Fett was shown to be a bad ass who got the better of Obi Wan Kenobi.  Slave 1 also was shown to be a bad ass ship in Episode II during the dog fight with Obi Wan.  I am sure we will see Slave 1 for at least one more episode, which has me excited (I am hoping Mando keeps the ship).  


During the recap it showed a scene from season one episode five where Mando encountered Fennec Shand and left her for dead before she was saved by a mysterious stranger (Boba Fett).  Once we saw that I should have known we would see Fennec and Boba Fett, but I never really gave it much thought.  I think I was excited that we might see another Jedi and I was too busy trying to think who we might see.  The episode starts with Mando trying to get Grogu to use the force and when Grogu does Mando's reaction is one of both pride and sadness.  I know Mando keeps saying that he is going to bring Grogu back to his people, but I think Mando has grown attached to him and thinking he might soon be leaving Grogu is making him sad.  Mando and Grogu reach Typhon and Mando sees where he needs to bring Grogu, but he has to land on the ground and use his jetpack to bring Grogu to the ruins.  Mando places Grogu on a rock in the middle, Grogu then is surrounded by a force field and he is meditating.  Now Slave 1 enters the atmosphere and Mando tries to get Grogu, but he cannot penetrate the force field.  Mando goes to the Slave 1 and see Boba Fett who asks for his armor back and says Fennec will shoot Grogu if Mando does not give it to him.  They are in the midst of arguing when a third ship enters the atmosphere, and a squad of storm troopers exit.

A fire fight ensues as Fennec and Boba Fett fight the troopers and Mando makes another attempt to get Grogu.  The second attempt leads to Mando losing his jetpack (I missed that the first time watching the episode) which will be important later.  Mando goes to help Fennec to buy Grogu more time and as soon as he leaves do Grogu finish and pass out due to exhaustion.  Fennec and Mando are fighting the troopers and are being overrun until Boba (now back in his armor) shows up and defeats the rest of the troopers.  Some troopers flee and make it back to their ship before Boba using his backpack missile shoots them down.  Thinking they have won, Mando watches as a laser cannon fired from the upper atmosphere destroys the Razor Crest.  Mando looks up and see a star destroyer, inside the destroyer we see Moff Gideon and he dispatches the Dark Troopers (I thought it was Death Troopers) who are robots that can fly and they get to Grogu before Mando and Fennec can get back up the hill (Mando could not use the jet pack as he lost earlier).  Boba Fett and Fennec agree to help Mando rescue Grogu and they visit newly anointed New Republic Marshal Cara Dune to ask her to locate Mayfeld (Bill Burr's character from chapter five) since he might know where to find Moff Gideon.  The episode ends on the star destroyer as Moff Gideon goes to see Grogu who is using the force to take out a couple of troopers.  


 Wow, another fantastic episode, next Friday cannot come soon enough.  With what is happening I am not sure what to expect in the final two episodes of season two.  The action was great and seeing Boba Fett take down the troopers with just his staff was both brutal and awesome.  If that was not cool enough, we see Boba Fett being even more of a bad ass when he gets his armor back (knee darts).  Fans of Boba Fett who were disappointed with him in the original trilogy must have jumped up and cheered.  Boba Fett also confirmed that his father Jango Fett was a foundling like Mando, I wonder how their partnership will work.  Boba Fett from the original trilogy seemed like a bounty hunter who cared about nothing and this Boba seems to possess some honor.  Maybe Boba getting tossed into the sarlac pit humbled him a bit.  Fennec Shand (played by the awesome Ming-Na Wen) was also a bad ass in this episode, and I hope she doesn't die in one of the next two episodes.  The episode while just over 30 minutes moved quick but packed in a lot of plot movement and great action.  I hope the next two episodes are longer but if they are as jam packed like this one then I will still be happy.  With Mando now after Mayfeld I get the feeling the next episode will be Mando putting a team together.  We might see Ahsoka (doubtful) or more Mandalorians appear (likely) and I think with Moff Gideon having the Dark Saber it will be an easy sell getting Bo-Katan to help.  I do not think Moff Gideon will be defeated this season, or at least I hope not since I love Giancarlo Esposito.  I have no idea how to rank this episode, but I think it was one of my favourite episodes so far, since episode three of this season I think the show has been amazing.  

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