25 Health Myths that are Actually Fake!

Our health is our wealth as they say. Therefore, it's very important to take care of our bodies as much as possible. In our pursuit for greater overall well-being, we often hear these statements and health facts which are quite frankly, false.
The human body is very fascinating as it can perform and function in different ways. So, what are the 'health' facts that are actually wrong? Here you will find out what those are so check it out right down below!

1. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day
There's no need to count the glasses as long as you keep yourself hydrated and drinking water more than carbonated drinks.

2. Waiting for an hour before swimming to avoid drowning
No, cramps aren't caused by a full stomach. And you won't sink because of eating.

3. An apple a day keeps the doctor away
Fruits are healthy, especially apples which contain fiber and Vitamin C but you also need to eat other fruits and vegetables.

4. Blood turns blue when it runs out of oxygen
It may appear blue on your skin, but blood changes to dark red when it lacks oxygen. It's because you're seeing it through several layers of skin tissue that it turns blue.

5. Carrots provide night vision
Vitamin A is great for eye health but no, carrots are no night vision goggles.

6. Coffee stops your body from growing
It affects calcium absorption in adults, but caffeine doesn't stop your body from growing.

7. Drugs cause holes in your brain
Drugs can cause damage both structurally and functionally to your brain, but they don't drill holes in them!

8. Nails and hair keep growing after death
It doesn't. It looks that way because the skin shrinks and dries out, making them appear longer.

9. You can't grow new brain cells
In fact, you can. A process called neurogenesis creates new brain cells as you step into adulthood.

10. Humans have only five senses
That is often the case, but humans can sense other things than sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. And those are danger, hunger, balance, among other things.

11. Ice cream will make your cold worse
Actually, ice cream can soothe sore throat and give your body the calories you need.

12. When you swallow gum, it takes 7 years for your stomach to digest it.
No, it won't stick to your stomach walls and remain there for a long time. It will pass in your intestines and you'll eventually flush it in the toilet by the form of feces.

13. Microwaves can disrupt pacemakers
Metal detectors, mobile phones, and powerful magnets are the ones that can affect pacemakers. But not microwaves.

14. Microwaves can cause cancer.
The levels of radiation are what can cause cancer. And microwaves don't have enough radiation for it to be harmful and cause cancer.

15. Honey is better than processed sugar
Both of them have the same effect. The only difference is fructose corn syrup is present in large amounts in some foods which makes it worse than processed sugar.

16. Organic food is more healthier
Farmers tend to use naturally derived chemicals to grow organic produce which can harm the environment.

17. Being pregnant makes women dumb or have "baby brain"
Certainly not the case. This is because pregnant women tend to worry more, hence losing focus at times.

18. Sugar and chocolates are considered aphrodisiacs.
No studies have revealed that sweets are linked to sexual desire so this is truly false.

19. Sugar is quite addictive
No signs of sugar addiction were found after neuroimaging study was done. Unlike tobacco or alcohol, sugar is not addictive.

20. Sugar turns children hyperactive
The National Institute of Mental Health has revealed that sugar causes ADHD and discounts the theory that sugar makes children more hyper and active.

21. Taking vitamins will keep you healthy
Relying on taking vitamins alone won't be enough to meet your daily nutrient needs. So it's important to maintain a healthy diet and take vitamins for full effect.

22. The chemical tryptophan found in turkey can help make you fall asleep
The reason you feel sleepy after your turkey day feast is because of the carbohydrates, not the chemical tryptophan.

23. The hymen is a thin sheet of tissue blocking the vagina
It doesn't block the vagina completely, but only partially. The hymen can also be damaged through rigorous exercise so be careful.

24. You can consume food dropped on the floor as long as you pick it up within 5 seconds
Bacteria can quickly contaminate food faster than you might think as it can only take milliseconds for it to be contaminated. Wet foods are likely to be more dirty than dry foods.

25. Eating chocolates can make you have pimples
Chocolates do not contribute to having pimples in any way. It's most likely due to lack of sleep and adolescence.

So, what do you think about these false 'health facts'? Feel free to share them with us by writing a comment below!

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