Watch Man Shows Off 'Karate Moves' To PNP Front-liners

As public highways strengthens its border controls where each select member of the family must wear protective gears at all times when going out to buy household needs, this man in Davao forgot his and tried the best of his 'Karate Moves' to front liners to get around in this situation went viral on social media.

According to Brigada News FM 92.7 Pampanga's Facebook post, this man went and show off his inner Jet Li skills after being stopped by a local police officer who is associated in the ongoing border-control.

The video started as man showcasing his high-kicks, but later was confronted by several officers leading to his defeat. 

Some netizens find this funny, yet some acknowledged him and said, "For honor, the warriors duty is to bring victory, a brave man never hide in a bush, slay them all, go on sound the horn of victory."

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