Online Scammer Gets Caught Just Using P10 Money Remittance as a Bait!

However, dangers of such services online aren’t just lying around as anything you do online, providing details like your email address, shipping address, phone number and even credit/debit card information, becomes prey for cyber criminals.

Just like what happened to Sunshine Garcia Bulahan’s sister who is excited to close a deal from an online seller’s sale gets scammed.

Shopping online exposes a risk to both buyers and sellers, since the only transaction they could get is online. There are even numerous cases of online scammers we see on social media networking sites. But unfortunately, none or less of them were just caught.

Sunshine, who’s willing to do everything just to caught the scammer just for her sister who’s its first time to get scammed does everything what it takes manages to capture the scammer of her sis by only using 10 pesos money remittance.Their experience went viral managing to gather a total of 3.4K reactions and more than 3K shares at the time of this writing.

Check out her full post below:

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