Sapin-sapin vendor amazes students after answering a Algebra problem about complex fractions

Students were confused and sort of uninterested upon seeing and hearing the man talk about his product, but they were all amazed when the simple sapin-sapin vendor starts answering some of the mathematical problems presented on the board.
The mysterious vendor went viral when a Facebook user named Manzanilla Erika posted a video of him carrying a basin containing the sapin-sapin he was selling.We all know how Math puts a lot of us to sleep and there are only a few that has the skills to pull it off well with this subject, but in this case no students fell asleep due to the awesomeness that the vendor showed off when he answered all the Mathematical problems on the board with ease.
It turned out that the mysterious sapin-sapin vendor was actually a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Education named Norwin Del Rosario. Despite of him failing the licensure exam, he was able to show the students that a minor setback shouldn't stop you from reaching out your dreams.

In fact, Norwin through his hard work and dedication to achieve his dreams of being a respected school teacher was reached when he recently passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

This is just another proof that hard work works and all we have to do is to have faith and believe we can do it.

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