Old Man Shares Heartbreaking Story After Being Asked To Get Off Jeep

Well, this is what happened to one old man in Iloilo who went viral after other passengers wanted him off the jeep.

On September 27, the old-man named "Tatay Bert" rode a jeep in Iloilo City for Central Philippines University course and chose to sit near the entrance of the said vehicle so that he won’t bother other passengers.

According to Peng Contreras Carpio who was also a passenger of that jeep, he noticed that many of the passengers were covering their noses and whispering something. He also said that he did not mind it until he caught a whiff of Tatay Bert’s smell.However, after they reached a certain location the driver stopped the vehicle and tried to make Tatay bert get off the jeep because of the passengers complaining about his scent. But Peng saved him and told the driver that he will be the one to pay his fare.
 When peng asked him where is he going, Tatay Bert in a loud voice explained;
Pasensya na kayo mga anak kung hindi maganda ang amoy ko, halos mag iisang linggo na kasi akong hindi naliligo, namamalimos kasi ako dito sa Iloilo para mabilhan ko ng pagkain ang aking mga Apo at Anak, at mabilhan ko rin ng gamot yung asawa kong maysakit.
According to Peng who shared this incident in social media, Tatay Bert said he comes from nearby Guimaras island. He went to Iloilo City to beg for money because his wife is sick and he wants to give his grandkids some delicious food.

But despite difficulty in talking and walking because he had a stroke before, and could not land a good job because of his age, Tatay bert did not think about himself and still became a beggar in Iloilo to make meets end.
 Sana po ay magsilbing eye opener sa atin ito mga kapatid na imbes na pangunahan tayo ng panghuhusga bakit hindi nalang natin ipagdasal ang mga kagaya ni Tatay Bert! God bless!

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