La Salle graduate pays tribute to her security guard dad and 'labandera' mom

We all know for a fact that we ourselves love our folks, but some are just not that too vocal about it. It's either we think that we're too cool for it or just shy, we know in our hearts that we are happy to have parents like them.

That being said, a graduate who is also a published author and a Wattpad writer honored her parents' sacrifice and hard work that lead her to earn a degree despite of their family being underprivileged.

On Twitter, Reinn shared her so inspiring story of how she beat the odds get to the top through prayers, hardwork and goodness of the heart. The stusent in less than a year earned a degree in Medical Technology, passed the board exam and even published a book of her own.

Reinn then thank her parents, because despite of their family not being that fortunate they were able to let her finished her studies and gave her parents something they can be proud of.
Reinn's father works as a security guard while her mother is a housewife. According to Reinn, "At a young age I've always believed that 'ang edukasyon ang kaisa-isang bagay na hindi mananakaw ninoman,' so at young age, I took that as my foundation to strive harder in studying even if we are really poor."

She also stated that her academic achievements are her ticket to success as she always persevered and studied hard to make it all happen.

Due to her hard work and dedeication, Rein also became a recipient of scholarships from Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla, City Mayor Manny Maliksi, and Congressman Alex Advincula.

And the blessing just keeps coming, not only that she was one of the less fortunate scholars her aunt supported where she paid he rest of Reinn's school fees, including the miscellaneous fees, but o received a food scholarship given by an owner of a Japanese Restaurant inside La Salle.According to Reinn, studying in De La Salle University never crossed her mind, because she knows that they won't be able to afford it, but she received an outpouring of blessings from kind-hearted people and that is indeed a blessing.

Looking back, Reinn realized how her simple life was changed because God sent good people to help her.
You see, I'm not a CEO's daughter, a businessman's daughter, or even a doctor's daughter. My life has always been simple but God is so good for sending me people to help me get through it. To be able to finish a degree in one of the most prestigious schools.
But most importantly, Reinn thank her beloved parents and said that if it weren't for her parents, none of it would have been possible. She also recalled how dedicated her father was when he was helping her with her requirements.

She also hanked her mother who was always there to take care of her and how her mother also never fails to cook a good meal for her.

Reinn said "They were able to give me the love, support and care that I needed the most."

As of this writing, Reinn's inspiring story has now gained over 39,800 likes on Twitter.

Reinn is not only a registered Medical Technologist, but is also a Pop fiction writer on Wattpad and a published author. Her latest book, "Until She Fell in Love" is now available in bookstores nationwide.

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