Creepy Photo Of Young Child In Bus Makes Her Mom Stop Her Joining The Field Trip

We do understand our parents are just being parents and they just want to keep us as safe as possible. However, one mom stopped her daughter and her husband on going to a school field trip after seeing a frightening photo of her daughter.

Before leaving for a trip, we always tend to take pictures of ouselves and either send it to our family members or post it on social media and one ER de Peralta did just that and sent a picture of his daughter to his wife.
Instead of being excited for her daughter's field trip, the child's mother creeped out when she saw something unsual and somewhat thrilling that caused her to stop both her husband and daughter on joining the trip.

The photo may look normal and nothing more than just a child getting ready for a trip, yet if you look closely it seems that there is something is going on with the photo.Although it may look like there was no one sitting in front of where their daughter is, the image shows that a girl who looked exactly like her could be seen in that space.

ER's wife Vanessa de Peralta was derailed and instead asked her husband and her daughter to get off the bus and don't join the trip for she had a bad feeling about what she saw.
Vanessa felt like it's a premonition and it's a sign that ER and their Vanessa should not go on with trip or something bad might happen. To top it all up, the couple then decided to burn all the clothing Venice worn in that bus.

The photo was then shared on social media and garnered mixed reactions from the netizens. Others are saying that the creepy photos are altered and nothing more than just a show.

Vanessa then insisted that they the photos are not edited and added that they paid for the trip her daughter was suppose to be on and wouldn't make sense sending them home.

What do you think about this story? Do you think that the photos are edited. or do you believe that the supernatural really does exists?

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