Errie Theme Park in Batangas Captures the Attention of Many Citizens

This place is perfect for those seeking a new adventure in their summer get-aways. It was initially designed to be a Disneyland theme park for families and local residents, but much of the structures have aged over time, creating a seemingly sinister yet ethereal feeling when you tread the place's surroundings.

The entrance is 1000php good for 10 persons and from there, you will be greeted by the park's enchanting buildings, castles, and other magical structures. The place is also situated on top of a hill which makes for a fantastic view that photographers will love.

 It appears that the structures have been poorly maintained over the course of time as the park used to be owned by a Japanese businessman. What remains of the Fantasy Land is still beautiful in its own right, although it's a shame that the rides aren't working anymore.

And while you may not have access to the theme park rides anymore, Fantasy Land still provides a magical yet slightly experience that'll make you wonder what would happen if the theme park was finished.

Facebook page Jookstogo shared photos of Fantasy Land which we believe for sure will captivate you into treading the theme park's eerie and magical surroundings. Take a look!

Jukay goes to Fantasy World! (LEMERY BATANGAS) Lakas makafairytale, lakas makahorror movie hehehe. Entrance fee: 1k...
Posted by Jookstogo on Wednesday, May 3, 2017
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