Who On The Earth Would Not Attend Class After Meeting This Beautiful Teacher from Philippines?

It is either they are very strict or they are despicably annoying as to how we behave in their classes. But how could we possibly blame them? Meet Kheny Soliva Berco, a 21-year old teacher from Bacolod who would make you keep coming back to school.
After netizens discovered this young teacher, Kheny went viral because of her alluring physique as well as her undeniably intellect. Because of this, her story was once featured on one of the most famous men’s magazine, FHM which makes her more famous halfway across the world. As a matter of fact, she got 122,247 followers on Facebook and 11,200 on Instagram. This teacher truly depicts the image of beauty and brains.
She is a graduate of Bachelor in Science in Elementary Education major in Early Childhood Education at the University of St. La Salle Bacolod. When asking her why take this course program, she simply said, “I can’t think of any job as important to society than teaching. I know being a pre-school teacher is not an easy job, but it is what I love.”

Another peculiar thing in this world having a gorgeous teacher like her is that she owns a pet snake. “People always find me weird for having a snake in the house, but why not? I love my Damian (her snake’s name) more than anything on this planet and I think he’s adorable,” Kheny exclaims.
Now would you still hate school?

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