This Guy was admired by thousands for posting this letter about his girlfriend on Facebook

However, a lot of us also uses virg1nity as one of measures whether to continue our relationship with someone or not.

Fortunately, one man stands up and chose to love his girlfriend despite her past and secretive experiences.

This certain man named as Kenneth Montañez and is admired by many after posting a very inspiring message to Facebook where he proudly told the world how much he loves his girlfriend despite of its past.In the status update, Montañez calls out the guy who says he was the former-boyfriend of his girlfriend and boasted how he takes his ex’s virginity.

Montañez also teaches the ex-boyfriend on how to respect a girl and the way they should be treated. He slammed the guy furiously and made one point that bragging how he takes his ex-girlfriends maiden doesn’t affect its dignity but his manliness.

CREDITS: Danified

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