'Kapag May Alak, May Balak' This Woman passes out after a Drinking Session, What Her Friends Did to Her Will Definitely Shock you!

Yet, it seems like this thought seem to turn upside-down as they would actually be the ones to drag you down and put you in great danger.

Recently, Facebook user named Wendy Jadraque Calvo shared a series of photos and videos exposing what this folks were doing to their friend who appeared to be unresponsive and is completely passed out after a drinking session.

Annoyed with what she saw online, she posted it with the caption, "Ganyan ren ba kayo sa mga tropa nyong BABAE kapag lasing na? PAKISHARE NGA . NAKAKAINIS EH ! KELANGAN TALAGA I-LIVE PA KAGABI UNG KAMANYAKAN NA GINAWA NG BABAE AT LALAKI NA TOH SA TROPA NILA O KUNG ANO MAN NILA TUH ! 👎👎 TAKENOTE: DI AKO UNG NASA VIDEO."


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