BREAKING: Fliptop rapper 'BADANG' accused of rape? Victim's father posted videos as proof!

According to the victim, the incident happened on February where BADANG and his father was having a couple of drinks downstairs.

Yet, hours later, when the victim seemed to think that the drinking session was over after not hearing anymore noises and not seeing any lights on, she fell asleep. Troubled for something the girl said when she woke up, the rapper was allegedly playing with her maiden.

The father of the girl who can be heard fuming in anger while confronting the rapper lay stress on after accepting him on their home, feeded him and even defended him against his wrongdoings and this is what he gets in return.

This is also not the first time as the father also revealed that he also done the same thing with his stepchild. The Fliptop rapper is currently in station 10 Kamuning, Quezon City.

Furthermore details will released here soon…

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