Beautiful Russian Woman Marries Chinese Coal Miner Who Had No Money, Car, Or House!

This applies especially in Chinese society, where love, sometimes is no longer an aspect in choosing who to marry. This makes no surprise that some women chooses to marry wealthy men instead of marrying for love. With so many gold-digging women stories spread, it became a rarity to see such beautiful women marry ordinary guys especially those who are poverty-stricken.

However, this beautiful 22-year-old Russian woman named Sophia just proved that women like her still exist in the world.
It was five-years-ago when she came to china and spent years in the border city of Heihei to study Chinese. After years pass by, Sophia started to fall in love with the country’s culture and its people. She became fluent to speak in Mandarin and decided to settle down in a Chinese company after graduation, instead of returning to her homeland Russia.

Her love story began in 2016, where she met Chen, 28, through a friend. Despite being a simple miner who had no savings, no house nor’ car, Chen mustered up courage and asked Sophia for her WeChat account. Since then, they became close and developed a love that is rarely to happen. Sophia claimed she had found ‘the one.’ And is in fact said that it was a love at first sight. After a week of dating, she asked for a leave from her work to go visit Chen at the coal mine. It was a week after when she finally decided to quit her job and pursue their relationship. She lived in a shabby mining house where quipped with outdoor toilets and baths.
I believe that love is the most important thing. We just need to work hard, and I’m sure that we’ll soon be able to buy a home and car.
Chen has quit his work at the coal mine. In April, the couple is set to fly to Russia for a formal ceremony. They also shared that they planned to start a business in Russia as for their future.

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