7 Characteristics of A Major K-Drama Fan

Korean TV drama series is regarded as one of the most-watched on television nowadays because of its own culture of depicting romantic excitement and teary-eyed scenes that everybody can relate to and react. Among these TV series were Descendants of the Sun, One More Happy Ending, Uncontrollably Fond, and many more.

Yet viewers of these dramas were deeply attached to the emotions and scenes portrayed by the characters. Years passed by, K-Drama fanatics developed comical characteristics that totally went stereotypical to the world. 

1. Lee Min Ho has become your idea of your ideal man.
2. You have to pull an all-nighter struggly to watch for one more episode.
3. "Oppa" has been your terminology used to describe handsome male guys.
4. You find yourself speaking Korean words.
5. You think grabbing your wrists is the most romantic sign of affection.
6. You long for back-hugs to your significant other.
7. You find yourself wanting to go to Korea to find your "Oppa."

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