10 Amazing use of Apple Cider Vinegar You Didn't Know About

It is also proven to be the replacement of your commercial anti-fungal and bacterial fighting products to maintain your home safe from many diseases and viruses.

Here, I listed all the powerful ways how you can benefit from apple cider vinegar.

1.Helps with Indigestion and Burning Sensation
Apple cider vinegar has redressal properties that help our body to diminish heartburn caused by acidity in the stomach. You can now avoid using costly anti-acids and take 1 tsp. of apple cider vinegar mixed with water to soothe your stomach.

2. Smoothens Inflamed Throat.
If by any chance you are suffering from a sore throat, apple cider vinegar is the perfect choice to get rid of it. To do so, you can mix a cup of apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water and gargle it.

3. Get Rid Of Your Dandruff
Combine ¼ the cup apple vinegar with an equal amount of water and use it over the scalp. Keep it for 15 to 20 minutes before washing your hair. This mixture will keep your scalp dandruff free.

4. Treats Sinus Infection
Apple cider vinegar has a high pH level that will help you in getting rid of a stuffy nose. Drink a blend of apple cider vinegar with water each time you feel your nose is stuffy.

5. Relieves Itchy Skin
Apple vinegar has antiseptic properties. To subdue yourself from burning skin, you may apply unfiltered apple vinegar solution using a cotton swab and use it gently on your skin.

6.Soothes Leg Cramps
Many of us feel nocturnal leg cramps, this happens due to a deficiency of potassium in the body. So if you have nocturnal cramps you can use apple vinegar fused with honey as a natural home remedy

7. Cure Smelly Feet
This can indicate an imbalance in the pH level of the skin, so apple cider vinegar will help you to get rid of the nasty smell of your feet. You can directly place your feet in the vinegar solution or can use it with the assistance of wipes.

8. Prevents Gas and Bloating
Apple vinegar should be taken before meals for proper digestion. It also assists in reducing gas and bloating.

9. Multipurpose House Cleansing Agent
To expel dirt and stain marks, raw apple cider vinegar is best applicable. It has antibacterial properties that scrub the dirt from your house.

10. Fix Clogged Sink
Now you can unclog your drain by just mixing baking powder with apple cider vinegar to create a volcanic effect for the drain.

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