Know Your Benefits For Being a Single Parent Under the Solo Parent Act of the Philippines!

The law took effect on November 28, 2000. To answer the most common questions by single parents according to this law, take a look right down below.

What is the Solo Parent's Welfare Act?

This law is provided for single parents who raise their children alone, due to death of the spouse, separation, abandonment, etc. as long as you are the one solely responsible for upbringing the child, you are considered a solo parent and is eligible.

What are the requirements for acquiring a solo parent I.D.?

Here are the requirements needed to acquire a solo parent I.D.
1. Certificate of barangay residency
2. Documents and proof that the applicant is a single parent  (e.g. death certificate of spouse, declaration of nullity of marriage, medical certificate if incapacitated);
3. Income Tax Return (ITR) or a certification from the barangay/municipal treasurer.

What are the criteria for support for the solo parents?

Solo parents whose income fall short of the poverty threshold are eligible for assistance. The following services are available for the solo parents.

- Health services (DOH)
- Educational services (CHED, TESDA)
- Housing (NHA)
- Parental Leave (Employer, DOLE, CSC)

What is Parental Leave?

This refers to leave benefits that are granted to a solo parent to perform several parental responsibilities and duties under the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Memorandum Circular no. 08, series of 2004.

These are some of the questions answered for single parents out there wanting to avail the benefits of being a single parent.

If you are a single parent and are having a hard time filling in for the duties and responsibilities for your child, then this is the perfect route to go. Make sure you know your benefits as a single parent and take full advantage to make your responsibilities a lot easier.

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