10 Types Of Hugs Which Have Explanations, #10 Will Make You Want More

I mean, for all the littlest things life has to offer, hugs from loved ones will totally made your day.
Hugs will make you feel you have company in times of loneliness; remind you that you have a shoulder to cry on whenever you’re hurt; and especially they let you know someone still loves you and never wanted to let you go.

The way people embrace each other reveals a lot of expressions. You may not know what they’re feeling for you until you get to identify the ten types of holds. After reading this, know which someone who really loves you.

1. Holding each other’s body with legs on both sides
This is the most intense type of a hug because it shows lustfulness and extreme passion for each other.

2. Arms wrapping around waist
No other meaning can be visible to this kind of hold rather than protection. When someone has been doing this to you, please know that you are safe and sound.

3. Inserting of hands inside pockets
Many people see it as an indecent intimacy when people try to do this in public. It only shows, nevertheless, comfortability towards your other half.

4. An eye-to-eye contact embrace
When both of you are looking to each other’s eye it simply means you have a strong connection. But, having do this while hugging, love ignites and it will never make you let go to each other.

5. Rubbing one’s back while hugging
This type of hug is very common to a parent-child relationship. It gives you reassurance that through good times or bad times, someone will never leave you and will say, “Everything will be okay.”

6. Shoulder to shoulder hugging
This is not romantic, FYI. It connotes strong bond between friends.

7. Patting one’s back while hugging
This is different from rubbing. Being able to tap one’s back is also saying, “Congratulations. Keep it up.”

8. Not-so-close hug
When you try put distance while hugging, this shows no intimate act. It is also saying, “Thanks for the treat, but I still feel awkward about you.”

9. Take it slow hug
If you’re at parties dancing with your partner, a hug with him accompanied by an acoustic music feels both of you connected and alive.

10. Tight hug that makes you wanting not to leave
For couples who do this oftentimes, their love, I must say, is real.

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